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Writing Proficiency Examination/Graduate
Writing Assessment Requirement UNIV 400 (WPE/GWAR)

Who must take UNIV 400?

Cal State L.A. Undergraduates:

For more information, see the 2009-2011 University Catalog, page 111.

Cal State L.A. Graduate Students:


How do I Register for the Cal State L.A. UNIV 400 (WPE/GWAR)?

  1. Look in the Schedule of Classes under the UNIV 400 WPE/GWAR listing and select a section.
  2. Note date, time, and exam location for the section you have selected
  3. Register through the GET System before the add deadline
  4. The $25 WPE is Non-refundable. Please make sure you are registered into a UNIV400(WPE) section before paying the $25 fee at the Cashier's Windows.
  5. Students who no longer have current status may enroll in UNIV 400 through Extended Education. The fee is $125. Students need to contact the Division of Extended Education at (323) 343-4900 for further information.


How is the Cal State L.A. WPE/GWAR Exam Structured?


How is the Cal State L.A. WPE/GWAR Graded?


How are Students Notified of the Results?


Sample WPE Questions

NOTE: The following sample questions are actual WPE topics that have been withdrawn from use. Other sample questions which have not been used for the WPE but are similar to real topics are available on other WPE pages here.

  1. Our lives have been radically changed by the technological advances of the past few decades. Some welcome the opportunities to save time and energy that have been brought about by such devices as personal computers, electronic calculators, automatic teller machines, word processors, and computerized check-outs at the grocery store. Others feel, however, that computers have made our lives more complicated and more difficult. Write an essay in which you analyze the effect of computer technology on our lives and argue whether our increasing reliance on computers is beneficial or harmful.
  2. Each year Time Magazine selects a “Man or Woman of the Year,” the person who has had the greatest influence on the world over the past year, whether for good or bad. Write an essay in which you select the man or woman you believe has had the greatest influence on the world during the past year and explain why you believe this individual deserves to be recognized as the “Man or Woman of the Year.” Be as specific as possible.
  3. Almost everyone has a complaint about the community in which he or she lives. The issue may be a rising crime rate, or inadequate parking facilities, or poor services from officials. The problem may be major or minor, but most of us feel that there is some need that local officials should address. Write an essay in which you describe a problem in the community in which you live, discuss the ways it affects your everyday life, and suggest some means of correcting it.

For a more complete list of sample WPE essay questions, refer to the University Writing Center.


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