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Dynamic Partnerships in Service-Learning 2007 Evaluations

A Breakfast and Workshop with Service-Learning Faculty, Community Partners, and Students

May 4, 2007

Workshop Evaluation

Nineteen respondents rated the workshop on a scale of one to three, with three designating "excellent," two designating "good," and one designating "needs improvement." The table below shows the average response on each of the six questions. Questions seven through nine asked for specific comments.

Survey Question

Average Response

1. Learning about the different community participation activities in service-learning courses?


2. Learning about how service opportunities needed by the community partners can be included in service-learning courses?


3. Learning about the students’ experiences in community service that help them connect to their learning in class?


4. Identifying projects that could be developed jointly by community partners and service-learning faculty?


5. Strengthening my understanding of faculty-community partnerships


6. How would you rate the overall quality of the workshop?


7. What part of the workshop did you like best?

Collaboration – small groups

Meeting other partners

Hearing the results of small group work

The poster comment boards

Table discussion (maybe rotate table members)

The overall collaboration between the community partners, faculty, EPIC students and staff made this event very intimate and worthwhile

It was all very good!

It was wonderful to hear everyone’s ideas on how to make our clients’ experiences more valuable and meaningful

Well-structured overall – the pairings at tables worked very well.

The discussion on the Service Learning Program volunteers would be placed in an agency where it would directly relate to their coursework

I liked hearing the community partner perspective – making connections, and seeing enthusiasm for SL – It energized me and made me feel we are moving in the right direction

Explanation of EPIC. Excellent that class list was available. Excellent that (today’s guests) members were listed

It was rough to get us to focus – but I did enjoy doing charts and seeing how diverse all groups were

Sharing ideas in smaller groups

Sharing ideas, discussion of topics, exchange between students, faculty administrators, and agencies

Networking with other members of the community and checking out Cal State L.A.

Networking with various agencies

Sharing with community partners


8. What changes in the workshop could be made to make it more useful to you?

More interaction with partners

Handout of community partners "what we do"

Involve more students and rep faculty from different disciplines

Opportunities for 1:1 discussion between CPs and teachers of specific courses whose students have already been placed, i.e. what preparations can CPs make to ensure optimal results; what works; what are the goals of particular courses

Make these more frequent!

A little more time

Ideas have been presented. Only the follow through will make this worthwhile

There should be more meetings like this. Everyone would benefit from listening to everyone’s experiences and ideas. Great job today!

Provide more feedback from service learning students and their experiences

More faculty and students next time would be more dynamic

Have guests move around tables once or twice to meet each other

How would we (LAUSD) can work with you to get students involved

More time for discussion; it seemed that the four topics were a bit vague in terms of knowing what to share but somehow we all shared great and applicable ideas. Maybe some guiding questions would help guide the initial conversation

More visuals – rather dry presentation style with charts – not sure how to change this but perhaps there is a way

More concrete input for change from the agencies

Have more CSULA faculty

9. Other comments?

Have this type of workshop every quarter

Great learning experience! I hope more are included! J

Great workshop, this was very helpful

Great workshop. Kathy Reilly is a fabulous organizer and presenter! This is the most organized and successful wkshp. I’ve attended

Little too long

Thanks for the opportunity. Hope to participate again!

Wish our school had feedback good/bad on student experiences with us

Thank you for inviting us!


Excellent! Do this again!


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