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Currently the Western Alliance provides schools with a variety of services. While our belief is that any meaningful change will come about through any schools own democratic commitment to a long-term process of reflection and renewal, our assistance may be helpful in those efforts. We recommend that schools make a substantive and systemic effort. We do provide stand-alone presentations to administration and faculty, but lasting improvement will likely require developing an internal leadership structure and steering team. We can assist in the forming and training of that leadership team. A very critical component of any change effort is that of assessment. We have developed a very extensive system of assessment that can be used by the steering team and/or the consultant team.

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» All School Climate Assessment Facilitation
» Focused In-service Training Related to your Needs

All School Climate Assessment Facilitation

Level I: School and Classroom Self-Assessment Support. WASSC provides facilitation and technical support for a school-wide self-assessment of climate using the WASSC School Climate Analytic Trait Instrument©, or classroom level assessment with the WASSC Classroom Assessment Instrument©.

Level II: School and/or Classroom Assessment Facilitation. WASSC provides additional support and assistance for school-wide climate assessment by facilitating school-based assessment teams and providing an external assessment perspective in the process.

Focused In-service Training Related to your Needs

Level III: WASSC provides in-service support and guiding materials for school improvement after the assessment process has been completed. Once areas of growth have been identified by the assessment phase of the effort, WASSC enlists specialists in the targeted areas to help bring about the school’s improvement goals. Current services include:

In-service in Faculty Relations (related to assessment scale dimension 2)
The Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI) as a tool for Faculty Team Building
Understand how your cognitive preferences effect how you view your job, make sense of why one major source of interpersonal conflict can be mitigated, learn strategies for creating a collective vision and building leadership capacity.
In-service in Student Interactions (related to assessment scale dimension 3)
Creating Classroom Community and Positive Classroom Climate
Explore the components that comprise community, examine practices that promote collective success, how your class can become a team that shares a common goal.
In-service in Leadership Culture (related to assessment scale dimension 4)
Promoting an Intentional Climate/ “3 school”
Learn how to lead teachers, students and parents from an 'accidental' to an 'intentional' climate and culture.
In-services in Classroom Management (related to assessment scale dimension 5)
Creating a Functioning Collective
Developing a social contract/covenant, making rules and boundaries, creating consequences vs. punishments, building expectations that get internalized, effective ways to implement your contract.
Developing a “Success Culture”
Developing a psychology of success and self-esteem, examining the “socially constructed” reality in the classroom, teacher use of power, teacher-student interactions, creating healthy social frames, exploring expectations.
Effective Technical Management
Giving directions that get carried out, gaining and holding 100% attention, smooth transitions, ending and beginning the period effectively.
Making Sense of Motivational and Movement Psychology
Understanding why some classes “go somewhere” and some don’t, meeting students basic needs, examining the relationship between motivation and methodology.
Dealing with Difficult Students
Examining the Negative Identity Cycle, how to use Reality Therapy and student contracts effectively, negotiating power struggles in a win-win way.
In-services in Learning and Assessment (related to assessment scale dimension 6)
Effective use of Cooperative Learning
Move beyond just group work, unleash the power of the collective, create a culture of collaboration and support, manage the cooperative class effectively.
Using the Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI) in the K-12 Classroom
Understand how your type effects your teaching style, understand your students better, learn strategies to address learning needs more effectively.
Teaching and Assessment for Success
Understanding the relationships among assessment methods and motivation, success psychology and classroom management. Examine how certain assessment strategies lead to higher levels of achievement, internal locus of control and effort level.
Create Perfect Rubrics and Performance Assessments
Promote student achievement by having learning targets that are clear and standing still. Learn to create rubrics for any task easily and with high reliability and clarity
In-services in Attitude and Culture (related to assessment scale dimension 7)
Developing a “Success Culture”
Developing a psychology of success and self-esteem, examining the “socially constructed” reality in the classroom, teacher use of power, teacher-student interactions, creating healthy social frames, exploring expectations.
Transform your Culture with your Pedagogy
Explore how your teaching manufactures much of the culture and attitude in your school or classroom. Use assessment that creates a positive culture and attitude. Create a team mentality in your classes and school. Create a culture of respect.

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