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Research Articles and Papers from WASSC

Does Seeking to Create a Better Classroom Climate lead to Student Success and/or Improved Teaching? Examining the Relationship Between Pedagogical Choices and Classroom Climate in Urban Secondary Schools
"Architect and Steward: Shaping a Vision of Learning" Examining the Role of the Principal in the Immersion of New Teachers into Existing Urban School Climates
Sharing the Data along with the Responsibility: Examining an Analytic Scale-based Model for Assessing School Climate
"Don't Smile 'til Christmas:" Examining the Immersion of New Teachers into Existing Urban School Climates
Teaching for the Success of all Learning Styles: Five Principles for Promoting Greater Teacher Effectiveness and Higher Student Achievement for all Students

Research Links in the Area of School Climate

School Size, School Climate, and Student Performance
NW Regional Education Laboratory, School Improvement Research Series (SIRS).
Creating the School Climate and Structures to Support Parent and Family Involvement
Evidence shows a strong connection between parent and family involvement in schools...
Quality Counts 2001: A Better Balance
Classroom Management School Climate and Violence
University of Arkansas
National School Climate Survey
Effective School Battery
Assessing School Climate With the Effective School Battery
Measuring School Climate: Let Me Count the Ways
H. Jerome Freiberg, University of Houston
Topic: School Climate Survey
Forum: Principal Online Open Forum, National Association of Elementary School Principals

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