Western Alliance for the Study of School Climate
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Path to a Healthy Climate
Our Mission

Elements of a Healthy Climate

Why make the effort to improve your school's climate?

Higher student achievement
Higher morale among students and teachers
Facilitates more reflective practice
Reduced student drop out
Reduced Violence
Better relations with community
Increased institutional pride
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path to a healthy school climate
» Assessment of the current climate
» Forming a team to lead the staff-driven, democratic inquiry
» Developing a school-wide vision
» Enlisting support and resources to assist school in achieving their vision
» Creating a process for renewal

our mission
The Western Alliance for the Study of School Climate (WASSC) exists to help schools improve the quality of their climate. In addition to on-going research to understand what creates healthy schools, we provide ideas, resources, and services to schools seeking to examine and improve their effectiveness.

elements of a healthy school climate
An excellent school is the heart of a valuable education. At the heart of an excellent school is a healthy school climate defined by:

Effective Teaching
Quality Leadership
Motivated Staff and Students
A Sense of Community

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