Alliance for the Study of School Climate
California State University, Los Angeles

Rated "best" school climate assessment instrument in an independent study

Line Graph Derived from a Scatter Plot of Achievement Scores by Climate/SCAI
Path to a Healthy Climate

Our Mission

Elements of a Healthy Climate
Why make the effort to improve your school's climate?
  • Higher student achievement
  • Higher morale among students and teachers
  • Facilitates more reflective practice
  • Reduced student drop out
  • Reduced Violence
  • Better relations with community
  • Increased institutional pride

path to a healthy school climate
Assessment of the current climate
Forming a team to lead the staff-driven, democratic inquiry
Developing a school-wide vision
Enlisting support and resources to assist school in achieving their vision
Creating a process for renewal
our mission

The Alliance for the Study of School Climate (ASSC) exists to help schools improve the quality of their climate. In addition to on-going research to understand what creates healthy schools, we provide ideas, resources, and services to schools seeking to examine and improve their effectiveness.

elements of a healthy school climate
An excellent school is the heart of a valuable education. At the heart of an excellent school is a healthy school climate defined by:
  • Effective Teaching
  • Quality Leadership
  • Motivated Staff and Students
  • A Sense of Community