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MBRS-RISE Undergraduate Scholars Program Overview

The MBRS-RISE Undergraduate Scholars Program involves 40 undergraduates (10 talented minority students in each undergraduate class, freshman through senior). The program is designed to increase their academic achievement in a solid science curriculum; integrate them into their major department and University communities; expose them to the biomedical sciences and scientists; enhance their academic achievement; and to lay the foundation for their eventual successful research careers in the biomedical sciences. The traditional undergraduate experience is enhanced through participation in co-curricular activities of seminars, workshops, special courses, and strong opportunities for year-round participation in contemporary research under the direction of the Training Faculty. The MBRS-RISE student's participation in research is part-time (10-15 hours per week) during the academic year, and full-time during the summer.

Participating students:

  • develop solid skills in mathematics, basic sciences, and the English language and use these to support high academic achievement in rigorous undergraduate majors in the natural and behavioral sciences and mathematics;
  • are motivated to careers in the biomedical sciences through interaction with science faculty and other biomedical scientists and participation in solid research experiences;
  • are prepared for the transition from undergraduates to Ph.D. students
MBRS-RISE Undergraduate Scholars Program Administration

Dr. Carlos G. Gutierrez
Program Director
Physical Sciences 603
(323) 343-2356
Dr. Anthony Fratiello
Associate Program Director
Physical Sciences 620
(323) 343-2326
Vicki Kubo Anderson
Freshman/Sophomore RISE Program Coordinator
Physical Sciences 622
(323) 343-2324
Scott Grover
Junior/Senior RISE Program Coordinator
Phone: 323-343-2174
Fax: 323-343-6490
E-mail: sgrover@calstatela.edu
Lisa Bautista
MBRS-RISE Administrative Assistant
Physical Sciences 510
(323) 343-2395 Fax (323) 343-6411
Maria Manzanares
MORE Program Webmaster and Program Assistant
MORE Program Office,
Physical Sciences 510
(323) 343-2395 Fax (323) 343-6411
 Lorie Romero
MBRS-RISE Program Assistant
Physical Sciences 510
(323) 343-2395 Fax (323) 343-6411



Financial Support

The MBRS-RISE Undergraduate Scholars Program is part of the Minority Biomedical Research Support Program sponsored by a generous grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). A salary of $6,000 per year is provided for each Freshman Scholar increasing to $7,100 for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Beginning July 1, 2000, the salaries will increase to $6,200 per year for freshman Scholars; $7,200 for Sophomores; and $8,200 for Juniors and Seniors. Additional funds are available for research supplies and for travel to present research results at professional meetings.



Career Enhancement through Undergraduate Research Participation

Participation in a strong program of laboratory research is the major benefit to the MBRS-RISE Undergraduate Scholar, and is an opportunity uncommon at most universities. The Scholars are in a position to interact with the best science faculty and students at the University. Since the natural sciences are fundamentally experimental disciplines, the Scholars will be introduced to research upon admission to the Program, and research participation will continue throughout all the academic years and summers the Scholar is in the Program. The research group is the basic unit we use to motivate and strengthen a student's desire for a career in biomedical research. Participation in a research group (coupled with a strong academic program) is excellent preparation for the student's graduate education to the Ph.D. A positive, rigorous, and productive experience performing publication-quality research as undergraduates is excellent preparation for graduate school, and be a very positive factor in developing a student's scientific maturity and supporting an interest in a research career. Cal State LA has more than 40 years experience in successful involvement of undergraduates in strong research programs.

The Cal State LA MBRS-RISE Undergraduate Scholars Program is strongly research oriented. Upon admission to the program, the Scholars are incorporated into active research groups under the direction of the training faculty. The research group is the basic unit we have used to motivate and strengthen the student's desire for a career in biomedical research. Participation in a research group (coupled with a strong academic preparation) is outstanding preparation for future education in graduate school. A positive, rigorous, and productive experience performing publication quality research as undergraduates can do more to develop a student's scientific maturity and interest in a research career than the standard lecture/ laboratory format alone.

Laboratory research is a very social activity, and the new students interact and learn from more senior members of the group. The research group is also, importantly, a support group of individuals with similar career aspirations. More senior members serve as positive role models to the newer students. Students experience substantial career development as a consequence of their participation in research. Membership in an active research group and performance of quality research strengthens the student's preparation for graduate education to the Ph.D. in a biomedically-related science.

The research participation by our MBRS-RISE students is year round. During the academic year, the trainee's participation would be limited by academic course commitments, but during the summer they devote considerably greater time to their research efforts, either on the Cal State LA campus or at another university or research institute. Cal State LA MBRS-RISE students have historically been productive in the lab, and the quantity and quality of their research work are impressive. Tangible results of their participation in quality research programs are the 489 refereed journal publications and some 2,000 meeting presentation abstracts wherein they are co-authors. We intend that our MBRS-RISE students will couple high performance in undergraduate course work with considerable research laboratory experience to make them very competitive for admission to strong graduate programs.


Research Training Faculty
Twenty-five laboratories under the direction of the training faculty are available for the conduct of research. A list of these research principal investigators and a brief description of their research interests is given at Research Training Faculty. These faculty members are among the best teacher-scholars at the University. If you are looking for a research group to join, make appointments to talk to several faculty members before you choose a laboratory. You should also talk to some of the students in each research group you are interested in joining

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