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CSULA Bridges to the Future
Research Techniques Workshop 2016


Join us!

For a two week research techniques workshop offered at CSULA and sponsored by the Bridges to the Future Program. Learn fundamental Chemistry & Biochemistry research techniques required in our research laboratories. Learn how to work in a laboratory group and gain teamwork skills. You will recieve a certificate upon completion of the two week workshop. Have a competitive edge in your field and join us doing exciting science. We are serious about research. The NSF lists Cal State LA as the #1 baccalaureate institution of origin of Hispanic STEM PhD recipients among non PhD-granting US mainland institutions


Research Week 1


Monday, June 7 - Friday, June, 10 2016


Research Week 2


Monday, June 13- Friday, June, 16, 2016


What do I need to Apply?

  • Open to all Chemistry & Biochemistry students transfering to CSULA in 2015 and 2016. Please attach proof of acceptance.
  • Must have completed one semester of general Chemistry with a "A" or "B" grade by May 2015
  • Attach school transcripts

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