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Summer 2003 Picnic


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aldo, andrew, apollo #0001 art, danny and lab friends boss and ghiwa boss and norma daniela,giselle and maria
aldo, andrew, apollo #0001.jpg art, danny and lab friends.jpg boss and ghiwa.jpg boss and norma.jpg daniela,giselle and maria.jpg
danny and seed students dr. amir decides to jo0007 dr. garcia dr. vellanoweth's lab dr.garcia and the  wa#0010
danny and seed students.jpg dr. amir decides to jo0007.jpg dr. garcia.jpg dr. vellanoweth's lab.jpg dr.garcia and the wa#0010.jpg
dr.garcia's target! enjoying the food iris, paul and girlfriend jcr, apollo and luis #0014 loue
dr.garcia's target!.jpg enjoying the food.jpg iris, paul and girlfriend.jpg jcr, apollo and luis #0014.jpg loue.jpg