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Bridges to the Future Program Administration


Dr. Linda Tunstad
Program Director
Physical Sciences 517
(323) 343-2148
Maria Manzanares
Bridges to the Future Webmaster and Program Assistant
MORE Program Office,
Physical Sciences 510
(323) 343-2395 Fax (323) 343-6411

Bridges to the Future Community College Coordinators
Listed below are the Coordinators from the participating Community Colleges. Please contact the corresponding Coordinator for further information.

City College

Los Angeles
City College

East Los Angeles
City College
Dr. Christine Bilicki
Bridges Coordinator
(626) 585-7007
Dr. John Freitas
Bridges Coordinator
(323) 953-4224
e-mail: freitaje@email.lacc.cc.ca.us
Dr. Kirk Olsen
Bridges Coordinator
(323) 265-8882
Marilyn Johnson
Bridges Coordinator 
(626) 585-7813
email: mdjohnson@paccd.cc.ca.us
Dr. Aaron Brown
Bridges Coordinator
How does it work?


The program will financial support you with $ 1000 throughout the academic year and $ 3000 in the summer. It's a total of $ 4000 for a Bridges full time participant. The $1000 will be divided into two semesters and the money is then distributed based on your grades and class enrollment.

For example: Begining Fall Quarter you are taking a full course load with MATH and SCIENCE classes in your schedule thenyou will need to submit a Bridges Advisement Form. This form will be proof of you partaking in advisement and that you are fulfilling NIH guidelines for the program.

In the begining of the quarter you will receive the initial $200 for submiting the form that proves your enrollement and the last $300 for the quarter will be sent to you once your transcripts with satisfactory grades are submitted

Remember the goal of the program is to TRANSFER to a four year university!
Summer Research


The summer component of the Bridges to the Future Program is mandatory and is an important to a participating Bridges student. The ten weeks of full time research at Cal State L.A. is during the summer and you will conduct research and network with other science students and faculty. The research projects include studies into: the development of pharmaceuticlas, the action of hemoglobin and myoglobin, computational modeling of biologically important molecules, genetics, biotechnology, regulation of cholesterol metabolism, and many others. You can check out our research training faculty on our website here.

During the ten weeks of research you will be able to attend workshops on instrumentation and scientific procedures. The Bridges Participants are also includedin Summer Picnics and Social events.

Why me?


1.Well, let's just say you were selected from your application because your goals match the goal of a two year program to transfer into a university and successfully complete a bachelor's degree and be prepared to enter an advanced degree programs in the biomedical sciences.

2. We like you!!! OK....OK...and we want you to succeed.

Any other goodies?


You will be held responsible to take advantage of these resources offered to you:

Academic Advisement by your community college coordinator

Tutoring and workshops to enhance your academic performance

Seminars designed to introduce you to biomedical research. Check them out every quarter here! Or keep reading on to the next section

Library Priveleges at the Cal State L.A. Don't have it yet? If not email me.

The Summer Research - This is truly an invaluable experience (seriously...just ask me how)

The $$$. Yes, yes, do well academically so you can get the funds!

Students who transfer to Cal State L.A. upon completion of their transfer requirement at their CC will be eligible to participate in one of our MORE Programs. Want to know more? Click here.

Make wonderful contacts and friendships that can last a loooong time!

Biomedical Sciences Seminars


The MBRS-RISE Program, MARC-U*STAR, and both Bridges to the Future Programs jointly host a weekly seminar series each Friday afternoon of the academic year. The schedule of seminars during the current term are presented online at the Biomedical Sciences Seminars. Bridges to the Future Participants are welcomed to attend.

 Useful Forms


You can download the following forms right here!

Bridges Advisement Form - You need to submit this to us every semester with transcripts.

Monthly Progress Sheet - This is submitted by your coordinator to us monthly.

Student Update Form - Just in case any of your information has changed.

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