Reviews of Bonnie's non-clown-trash lecture on clown trash...

Bon-zai has given quite an eye opening lecture - both to the world of fashion (of which this reviewer is clueless about) and to the fascinating variety of clowntrash that is prevalent in modern society. Though I am still unclear on the origins of the word, I now know that clowntrash is more unwanted than any other type of trash imaginable, and have been deeply inspired to join or found organizations dedicated to the no-clowntrash movement.
- Daniel Khim, sound clown 

From the detailed tale of the historically significant (to clowntrash) ex-boyfriend to the obligatory sing-along with auto-tuned Antoine Dodson, Bonnie took us from two simple concepts that we all thought we understood (clowns and trash) to a whole new dimension of enlightenment regarding their conjunction. My only criticism is that when Bonnie revealed Jesus Christ was NOT clowntrash, there was no follow-up altar call.
- Ji Son, cognitive trash