Reviews of Miles Chen's enlightening discourse on wedding in-and-out of movies...


As always, Miles' lectures DELIVER!  Miles' lecture artistry allows cheeky and insightful observations to flourish through powerpoint.  Viva la WaaL!

- Ji, a firm believer in the lectures of Miles

Another great lecture and a film from my powerpoint hero: Miles Chen!  Following up his top secret KitanJi-favorite WaaL (Wedding and a Lecture), Chen presented us with LaaF,aW (Lecture and a Film, about Weddings).  In his signature self-deprecating way, Chen lucidly illustrated for us how badly wedding movie choices go as opposed to real life wedding choices (relatively speaking).  His brilliant "bad idea" / "better idea" paradigm took us from history, to film, to real life, to his now staple "advice column."   We thought Jon Yip's lecture on women as aliens took the cake for sexually awkward LaaF times, until we watched "The Graduate" together.  What else could we expect from the man who was the impetus of LaaF as a cultural event?  Miles Chen, now that you've planned out a wedding lecture about planning are you ready to plan for one (wink, wink)?!

- David Kitani, groom extraordinaire