Reviews of Professor Fail's Singular lecture on singularity...


Professor Cheung's lecture on the future of created monsters meant to divide audiences and draw lines, this far and no further.  The connection between Trek and Shelley's Frankenstein was particularly incisive.  Once we started listening it was impossible to resist being pulled in.  That would be about as futile as resisting Carol's delicious curry!  The only hiccup was that we had to wait about 15.68 minutes for more rice to be cooked.  And for an android, that is an eternity.

- Jon Yip, androidgenous in his own right

Combining his gift for explaining the sublime to the sub-par, Matt Cheung brought us a unique mix of classic literature and modern geek that played upon one another like androids frolicking with sheep.  Only the Matt-riculator can make technological singularity so multi-faceted and layered.

- Ji Son, a human cyborg