Reviews of Julie Park's ethnically colorful analysis of political participation...


Dr. Julie Park is all about the political barnstorming, hopping from Dayton, Ohio to Oxford, England to Miami, Florida, to Sherman Oaks, California, and probably some other mixed-up places with absent Asian-American activism (absent Asian-American population notwithstanding). Why? To get out the vote, like some less threatening, more encouraging Diddy 2.0. The night's film, By the People, made clear the fact that President Obama's election represents a watershed moment in American history; it signaled that the most important role atop the political landscape would no longer remain lily-white, and that the change had been effected by the will of the people. At last, the melting pot has a new main ingredient, and nobody plays the fool. Can an Asian president be far behind? With Dr. Park's advice, maybe not. In the meantime, start your newfound activism by writing your local congressman to ask for more signs informing the public that Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Thanks.

- Jez Leung, a china-man-with-political-will

In her first non-decade talk, Dr. Park inspired us Asians to be active and get out the vote. We LaaFed and cried with that one random Asian guy in the documentary. A truly moving experience.

- Ji Son, rocking the vote since her early twenties