Reviews of Jezreel Leung's deeply perceptive diagnosis of sequelitis...


Jez's review was very insightful and showed how Hollywood can take a complex story and reduce it to its basest elements all for profit. I want to watch the rest of the Rambo series now, but I heard they suck.

- Matthew Cheung, Rambo cynic

Action packed fun! Two thumbs up! A first class lecture to precede a first class movie! Jez proves that his lecture sequel does not follow the patterns of movie sequels. Can't wait for Jezness part three!

- Jinna Hwang, proponent of dance movie sequels

Now a seasoned user of Powerpoint, Jez Leung's second lecture did not disappoint. He truly challenged my stereotypes about action films--who knew that the first (and only the first) Rambo movie was so complex? Action films are truly my favorite genre of movie to fall asleep to (pleasant memories of drifting off while watching "Predator" at Mike Lee's house), but Jez's lecture reminds me that O should stay awake at least during the first and last 30 minutes to catch the deep parts.

- Julie Park, sleeper (during) hit

Jez's exciting lecture on the psychology of action films totally slashed away any misguided pre-conceptions I had about the genre. My head exploded as I came to understood the psychological depth that filled these summer popcorn flicks. Oh and five stars for all the acting chops - my mind was blown (up)! Dyn-o-mite!

- Daniel Khim, headless reviewer

Jezreel Leung's lecture was a fascinating treatment on what I had previously considered a no-brainer -- The Action Genre. While it is easy for one to look down on the Action Genre as a mindless action-fest filled with cheesy one-liners, the horrible destruction of countless extras, and the total lack of a coherent story, Jezreel Leung was able to draw out from this stinking-morass-of-waste an interesting truth: while Action Sequels (far too often) fall squarely within these stereotypes, a series' impetus often goes much deeper than one would have initially guessed from merely watching its vacuous-offspring. The night's film dealt extensively with themes not commonly discussed during its time: PTSD, the treatment of returning veterans and the loneliness faced by soldiers returning from horrors they feel unable to share with others. And, in contrast with the million-man body-count for which the Rambo franchise has become known for through its sequels, it did so with only one death throughout the entire movie (an accidental death, at that).

     For this writer, Jezreel Leung's lecture helped to salvage a whole genre's worth of films from automatically being sorted into the "not-so-good-of-a-film" box in my mind. In doing so, he has enabled me to look back at a whole host of films with renewed interest and appreciation. Some of these films... are pretty good! (And they blow up a bunch of bad-guys to boot.)

- Kenneth John Park, action genre convert

I was hoping that I could get away with making a fool of myself just once at LaaF. *sigh* Little did I know I would be forced to impersonate Danny Glover, Sylvester Stallone, Peter Weller, AND Charles Bronson in quick succession! I hope the performance is never unleashed on the unsuspecting frequenters of the Internet. Even though Jez warned us that he is an arthouse fanatic now, we all knew the truth: You can take the man out of the illogical car explosion but you can't take the illogical car explosion out of the man. I was thoroughly entertained by my brother's hilarious yet extremely poignant and in-depth lecture about the action genre. And I do wonder if some people were lost at some of the points that Jezreel brought up and just started daydreaming about people shooting rocket launchers at inanimate objects of all sorts. I am probably more of an action film fanatic than him but I used to love them for pure escapism and it wasn't until I grew older that I realized a lot of them hit you on an emotional level rather than a bloodthirsty level. If you just shrug off these films judging them by their covers, you'll never see or feel the pain, conflict, and self-reflection portrayed through these protaganists. The core of this "mindless sequel" issue mostly boils down to movie studios eyeing massive profits from ticket sales and merchandising. So boycott Michael Bay today and stop funneling millions of dollars directly into his pockets! Ha! I hope that the people of LaaF can now see the heart in these first films. If anything, I hope people erase the notion that this genre is a complete waste of time and they recognize the depth of some of these characters and appreciate it as more than just pure escapism. Overall, Jezreel did a great job summarizing the issue of "sequelitis" but some movies got so much better such as Missing In Action 2: The Beginning, Bloodfist 4: Die Trying, American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence, Snake Eater 3: His Law, No Retreat No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers, Kill and Kill Again, Kickboxer 2: The Road Back and The Next Karate Kid!!

     What you got to say bout that, brother??

- Philotheos Leung, nominee for best character actor of 2009