East to America: Korea-American Life Stories by Eui-Young Yu and Elaine Kim

east to americaFROM PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. "During the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Koreatown was the target of burning and looting by many blacks whose resentment exploded against Korean shopkeepers; blacks charged that the Koreans exploited them, treated them badly and flaunted their superiority. Kim and Yu, both Korean Americans who teach at California colleges, set out to reform these images of their people in some 50 engrossing interviews with a cross section of the Korean American community. These movingly reveal a culture and history of people victimized both in their native land and in the U.S. Most were brought here as children in the 1970s after the Korean War by parents fiercely determined to make a better life; others are American-born. All display a strong sense of filial duty and respect for education, hard work and success; most feel a sense of commonality with blacks but confess that their culturally imprinted emotional reserve invites misinterpretation. While race relations are not the only focus of these interviews, they are a prominent concern...".

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Since its establishment in 1979, CKAKS has published a range of monographs and edited volumes on Korean-American and Korean issues. Many of the publications listed below are still available for sale directly through CKAKS or through mainstream booksellers, including

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Multiethnic Coalition Building in Los Angeles. Eui-Young Yu and Edward T. Chang, eds. 1995. 234 pp. Available on

more info Black-Korean Encounter: Toward Understanding and Alliance. Eui-Young Yu, ed. 1994. 138 pp. Available on

more info The Korean Peninsula in the Changing World Order (special issue of the California Sociologist, v. 13, no. 1-2. 1992. 215 pp.

more info Korean Community Profile: Life and Consumer Patterns. Eui-Young Yu. 1990. 127 pp. Available on

more info Juvenile Delinquency in the Korean Community of Los Angeles. Eui-Young Yu. Los Angeles: Korea Times. 1987. 110 pp. Available on

more info Korean Women in Transition: At Home and Abroad. Eui-Young Yu and Earl H. Phillips, eds. 1987. 304 pp. Available on

more info

Traditional Thoughts and Practices in Korea. Eui-Young Yu and Earl H. Phillips, eds. 1983. 183 pp. Available on

more info Koreans in Los Angeles: Prospects and Promises. Eui-Young Yu, Earl H. Phillips, and Eun Sik Yang, eds. 1982. 255 pp. Available on

more info Religions in Korea: Beliefs and Cultural Values. Earl H. Phillips and Eui-Young Yu, eds. 1982. 127 pp. Available on


selected publications by ckaks faculty

Timothy Lim, "What is a Korean? The Challenges and Prospects of 'Multiculturalism' in Korea," Korean Quarterly (Fall 2007).

Timothy Lim, "Democracy, Political Activism and the Expansion of Rights for International Migrant Workers in South Korea and Japan: A Comparative Perspective," IRI Review 11:1 (Spring 2006).

Timothy Lim, “NGOs, Transnational Migrants, and the Promotion of Rights in South Korea:,” in Local Citizenship in Recent Countries of Immigration: Japan in Comparative Perspective, Takeyuki Tsuda, ed. (Lexington Books. 2006).

Timothy Lim, Doing Comparative Politics: An Introduction to Approaches and Issues. Lynne Rienner. 2005. Available on

Eui-Young Yu, Peter Choe, Sang Il Han, and Kimberly Yu, “Emerging Diversity: Los Angeles’ Koreatown, 1990-2000,” Amerasia Journal 30: 1 (2004): 25-52.

Eui-Young Yu and Peter Choe, “Korean Population in the United States as Reflected in the Year 2000 U.S. Census,” Amerasia Journal 29: 3 (2003-2004): 2-21.

Timothy Lim, "Racing from the Bottom? The Nexus between Civil Society and Transnational Migrants in South Korea," Asian Survey 43:3 (May/June 2003)

Eui-Young Yu, "Koreans in the United States: 2000," in Eric Lai and Dennis Arguelles, eds., The New Face of Asian Pacific America: Numbers, Diversity and Change in the 21st Century, San Francisco and Los Angeles: Asia Week and UCLA’s Asian American Studies Center, February 2003. Available on

Timothy Lim, "Foreign Migrant Workers and Civil Society in South Korea: The Search for Power in an Era of Globalization,"Marjorie Griffin Cohen and Stephen McBride (eds.), Global Turbulence: Social Activism and State Responses to Globalization, Ashgate, 2003. Available on

Timothy Lim, "The Changing Face of South Korea: The Emergence of Korea as a 'Land of Immigration,'" Korea Society Quarterly, vol. 3, nos. 2/3 (Summer/Fall 2002)

Eui-Young Yu (Chief Editor), 100 Year History of Korean Immigration to the United States [], Los Angeles: Korean American United Foundation, 2002. 655 pp. (Eui-Young Yu authored three chapters in the book: "Demographic History of Korean Population in the United States: 1903-2002," "Korean Democracy and Unification Movement in America: 1945-2000," and "Korean Community in Southern California, 1903-1950.") [IN KOREAN]

Eui-Young Yu, Peter Choe, and Sang-il Han, "Korean Population in the United States, 2000: Demographic Characteristics and Socio-Economic Status," International Journal of Korean Studies, Vol. VI. No. 1, Spring/Summer 2002, pp. 71-107.

Timothy Lim, "Bringing Competition In: A New Perspective on Capitalist Development in South Korea," Competition & Change, 5 (2001), pp. 103-133.

Elaine H. Kim, Eui-Young Yu (eds.), East to America: Korean American life stories, New York : New Press, 386 pp. Available on

Eui-Young Yu, Serving the Community: Seventy Year History of the Dorim Presbyterian Church. Seoul: Publishing House of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, 1997. 785 pp. [IN KOREAN]
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