Korean Women in Transition: At Home and Abroad
Edited by Eui-Young Yu and Earl H. Phillips

The articles in this book investigate both the nation of the origin and the destination of Korean women immigrants. The first eight articles focus on women in Korea, while the remaining seven explore their transitions in the United States. The essays also demonstrate the changing dimensions of patriarchy with Korean and American societies.The contents include: "Women in traditional and Modern Korea" (Eui-Young Yu), "Woment's Roles and Achievements in the Yi Dynasty" (Hesung Chun Koh), "Korean Women in the Professions" (Haejong Cho), "Women in Transition: The Low Income Family" (Oakla Cho), "The Postion of Women in the Korean Workforce" (Hyoung Cho), "Women Factor Workers in Korea" (Hagen Koo), "The Changing Status of Women in North Korea" (Seung Gyu Moon), "Sex Tourism in Asia" A Reflection of Political and Economic Inequality" (Elaine Kim), "Woment's Experience in the United States: The Limits of Progress" (Elaine Tyler May), "Korean Women in America: 1903-1930" (Eun Sik Yang), "Korean-American Women: Democgraphic Profiles and Faimily Roles" (Eui-Young Yu), "Employment of Korean Immigrant Wives and the Division of Household Tasks" (Edna Bonacich, M. Hossain, and J.H. Park), "Interracially Married Korean Women in the United States: An Analysis Based on Hypergamy-Exchange Theory" (Eui-Hang Shin), and "The Activities of Women in Southern California Korean Community Organizations" (Eui-YoungYu).