Traditional Thoughts and Practices in Korea
Edited by Eui-Young Yu and Earl H. Phillips

It is widely known that Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism have played a vital role for almost a thousand years in the evolution of Korean culture. Most of the nine essays in this volume are linked by this thread. These include: Chapter 1, The Difference Between T'oegye and Yulgok on the Doctrine of Li and Ch'i (Ha Tai Kim); Chapter 2, The Value System of Yi Dynasty Korea (Hei Chu Kim); Chapter 3, The Chongyok or Book of Correct Change (Jung Young Lee); Chapter 4, East Asian Folk-Religious Explanations of Change (Griffin Dix); Chapter 5, Women in a Confucian Society (Yunshik Chang); Chapter 6, Kagok: The Music for Yi (Byong-Kon Kim); Chapter 7, The Lady Fortunetellers of Korea's Cities (Barbara Young); Chapter 8, A Kut for the Chon Family (Laurel Kendall); and Chapter 9, Slave Rebellions in the Koryo Period 936-1392 (Ellen Salem).