The Korean Peninsula in the Changing World Order
Edited by Eui-Young Yu and Terry R. Kandal

[From the Introduction] This volume is an attempt to sort out similarities and differences that have evolved in the two separated Koreas and find a comon ground, the points of intersection, in anticipation of a united Korea. The Korean Peninsula in the Changing World Order is made of nine chapters: Chapter 1, A Separated People's Longing for Reunification: A Humanistic Prologue, Eui-Young Yu; Chapter 2, Effects of the Korean War on Social Structures of the Republic of Korea: A Socio-Demographic Analysis, Eui-Hang Shin; Chapter 3, Impact of Changes in International Order on the Korean Peninsula and the Issue of the Korean Reunification, Hakjoon Kim; Chapter 4, Politics of Economic Reform in North Korea, Young Whan Kihl; Chapter 5, Education, Equality and Society: A Comparison of North and South Korea, Chang Yun-Shik; Chapter 6, Regionalism in the South Korean Power Structure, Eui-Young Yu; Chapter 7, Anti-Americanism and Student Movements in South Korea, Edward Taehan Chang; Chapter 8, Korean Revolutionary Nationalism in America: Kim Kang and the Student Circle, 1937-1956, Eun Sik Yang; and Chapter 9, North Korea/South Korea in the Modern World-System: A Left Epilogue, Terry R. Kandal.