Koreans in Los Angeles: Prospects and Problems
Edited by Eui-Young Yu, Earl H. Phillips, and Eun Sik Chang

Koreans are a visible and highly active ethnic community in the United States, and especially in Los Angeles. Scientific studies on this actively emerging community, however, are rare. Indeed, despite the relatively old history of the Korean community in Los Angeles, there has not been any comprehensive study of its characteristics and experiences. This book is an attempt to fill this gap. Both Korean and non-Korean scholars contributed to Koreans in Los Angeles, reflecting diverse views and interpretations. The general aim is to portray the characteristics, activities, problems and feelings of the Korean in Los Angeles in their initial stages of settlement as accurately as possible so that the studies that follow may use these findings to test, revise or develop theories on race relations in general and immigration adjustment in particular. Contributors include: Edna Bonacich (UC Riverside), Marion Dearman (CSU Los Angeles), Lawrence Hong (CSU Los Angeles), Won Moo Hurh (Western Illinios University), Yung-Hwan Jo (Arizona State University), Taw Hwan Jung, Kwang Chng Kim (Western Illinios University), Earl H. Phillips (CSU Los Angeles), Johng Doo Song (Kye Myung University), Eun Sik Yang (CSU Los Angeles) and Eui-Young Yu.