Black-Korean Encounter: Toward Understanding and Alliance
Edited by Eui-Young Yu

This book, based on a conference held May 22-3, 1992 at CSU Los Angeles, is a collection of presentations/papers and discussions on the multifaceted relationship between Korean and African Americans in Los Angeles. Contributors include: Eui-Young Y, Edward Chang, Col. Young Kim (U.S. Army, ret.), Alex Norman, Larry Aubry (LA Country Human Relations Commission), Byran Jackson, Jai Lee Wong (LA Country Human Relations Commission), Taewon Kim, Kye Young park, Marcia Choo (Assian Pacific Dispute Resolution Center), Karen Bass (Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse), Jerry Yu (Korean American Coalition), Joe Hicks (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), Terdema Ussery (Business Owner, South Central LA), Yang Il Kim (Korean American Grocers Association), George Umezawa, Bong Hwan Kim (Korean Youth and Community Center), Rev. Gaileen Reevers (Black-Korean Alliance), Rev. Joseph Griffin (Good Sheperd Baptist Church and Black-Korean Alliance), and Rev. Kap Soo Cho (Oriental Mission Church). The book also includes a chronology of Korean- and African-American experiences and of the Korean-Black relationship in Los Angeles and the United States.