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Call for Papers: Biennial Conference of the Korean Studies Association of Australasia
The Sixth Biennial Conference of the Korean Studies Association of Australasia will be held July 8-10, 2009, at the University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The conference organizing committee invites research papers in various fields in Korean studies, including language education, linguistics, literature, history, religion and philosophy, sociology, politics, economics, business, media and communication ...more info

Call for Papers: New Zealand Asian Studies Society Conference
Proposals are invited for papers and panels to be presented at the 18th New Zealand Asian Studies Society International Conference, which will be held at Victoria University of Wellington July 6-8, 2009.
This will be an open, multidisciplinary conference. Participants are invited to submit panel or paper proposals presenting original research on any Asia-related topics ...more info

Call for Papers: East Asia and Central-Eastern Europe in Changing World
The Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague, invites participation in the international conference “East Asia and Central-Eastern Europe in Changing World: Comparison,” scheduled for May 20-22, 2009. The conference will be held in downtown Prague and the working language will be English. The planned conference follows two previous international conferences ...more info

Reminder: 2009 AKSE Conference Deadline

August 31, 2008, is the deadline for submission of paper and panel proposals for the 2009 conference of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe, which will be held in Leiden, June 17-21. Those wishing to attend the conference should notify the organizer by e-mail at:
For further information about the conference, see the earlier ...more info

Call for Papers: 2nd International Junior Academic Conference on Korean Studies
The Graduate School of Korean Studies, Academy of Korean Studies (AKS), will host the 2nd International Junior Academic Conference on Korean Studies on September 25 and 26, 2008, under the sponsorship of the Republic of Korea Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. This year’s theme will be “Toward an Interdisciplinary Approach and a New Horizon ...more info

Related Korean Studies Links


korean studies

Korea Foundation • The Korea Foundation is a major source of funding for Korean studies throughout the world, and is also a significant center of information related to Korean studies. Among its many activities, the Korea Foundation also publishes several useful journals--the Koreana: A Quarterly Journal on Korean Art & Culture and Korea Focus, a bimonthly journal featuring articles and commentaries on Korean politics, economy, society, and culture selected from leading Korean newspapers, news magazines, and academic papers. Other useful pages on the Korea Foundation website: • free online database of Korean studies scholars and students. It has been constructed to provide users with easy access to up-to-date information.

KF Fellowships • applications and guidelines for Korea studies fellowships offered by the Korea Foundation for students and scholars.

Korean Studies: Past, Present and Future • a downloadable collection of papers that discuss Korea-related and Korean Studies issues from each region/country, presented by leading scholars from each area.

Korean Studies Centers Overseas • a listing of Korean studies center throughout the world.

Committee on Korean Studies • On-line home of the Committee on Korean Studies of the Northeast Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies. The Association for Asian Studies, with approximately seven thousand members worldwide, is a scholarly, nonpolitical, nonprofit professional association open to all persons interested in Asia and the study of Asia. This site is intended to be a means of disseminating information about the activities of the Committee on Korean Studies and encouraging interaction among the Committee’s members. It is also intended to be a source of current information related to the academic field of Korean studies at large.

Korean Research Foundaton • The Korea Research Foundation was established on April 6, 1981, in accordance with the Scholarship Promotion Act, for the purpose of supporting research and international academic exchanges. The Korea Research Foundation merged with the Korea Institute for Educational Exchange in 1984 and the Korea Scholarship Foundation in 1999 and has broadened its range of activities, including scholarship programs for the next generations of researchers.

The Korea Society • The Korea Society is a private, nonprofit organization is dedicated solely to the promotion of greater awareness, understanding and cooperation between the people of the United States and Korea. The Society publishes a quarterly magazine on Korean issues: The Korea Society Quarterly, and sponsors a number of scholarships and programs related to Korean studies and Korean language. The Society also maintains a database of K-12 lesson plans on "Teaching More About Korea."

Korea Economic Institute of America • The Korea Economic Institute (KEI) was established in 1982 as a not-for-profit, educational organization. KEI focuses its efforts in the economic area, but addresses all aspects of relations between the United States and the Republic of Korea. The organization's website includes a range of valuable resources, including: Korea Insight; Korea's Economy; The Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies monograph; and, in recent years, a "midyear" publication of selected articles of interest. Articles in all the publications but the monograph can be downloaded and read by Adobe Acrobat Reader, and the table of contents of the monograph can be downloaded as well.

The Society of Korean-American Scholars • SKAS, or the Society of Korean-American Scholars, is a private, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to the promotion of scholarship and fellowship among its members. It also seeks to foster leadership among young Korean-Americans and engender intellectual exchanges within the Korean-American community. The site includes a directory of Korean-American WWW sites as well as two online newsletters: Korean-American Science and Technology News (KASTN) and Information Exchange for Korean-American Scholars (IEKAS)

Frank's Korean Studies Portal • The Korean Studies Portal is a comprehensive collection of links and information to Korean studies. • A daily compilation of news related to Korea. Headlines and direct links to stories from a wide range of English language news sources are conveniently arranged by topic ( is the second in a series of country-specific news sites by this company; the first is

Governments on the WWW: Korea • Links to almost every national Korean governmental agency, regional institutions, political parties, and other sources of general information related to Korea.

Korean Studies WWW Sites (Duke University) • Good collection of links to Internet sites related to Korea (arranged by topic).

National Korean American Service & Education Consortium • NAKASEC is a national organization founded by five Korean American community organizations located in major cities across the United States

East Rock Institute • East Rock Institute, or ERI, is a nonprofit research, educational, and cultural organization.  The Institute's basic purpose is the enhancement and deepening of cultural understanding between Eastern and Western Societies through innovative approaches to research and teaching. ERI's current activities include: The Korean Diaspora in China, the Former USSR, Japan, and the USA; The Role of Korean American Churches in the Twenty-First Century; Development of Instructional Website on Korean Cultural History; Development of Research Web Site on Korean Culture and History; and NAKS Korean American History and Culture Text Book

other korean studies centers or institutes

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII • Center for Korean Studies • The Center for Korean Studies at UH Manoa was established in 1972. Now with eighteen faculty members offering courses and conducting research related to Korea in fields such as Asian studies, dance, economics, history, language, linguistics, literature, music, political science, and sociology, the Center is home to the oldest and largest Korean Studies program outside of Korea.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY • Korea Institute • The Korea Institute is Harvard University's only non-departmental entity for the support and development of Korean Studies at Harvard. Originally established in 1975 as part of the Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, it became a completely autonomous organization in 1993.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES • Center for Korean Studies • Established in 1993, but has the largest Korean Studies program on the mainland of the United States, with the most specialists dedicated to Korea on its faculty and the largest number of students studying Korean subjects, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY • Center for Korean Studies • The Center for Korean Studies (CKS) is a part of the Institute of East Asian Studies, and is a research unit of the University of California at Berkeley's International and Area Studies program. The Center is one of the nation's most active academic centers for the study of Korean humanities and social sciences.

One of the leading centers for Korean studies in the United States.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY • Center for Korean Research • Established within Columbia University's East Asian Institute in 1988. In cooperation with other organizations from inside and outside the East Asian Institute, the Center has sponsored visiting scholars and research associates as well as cultural events such as movies and concerts, monthly Contemporary Korean Affairs Seminars, and noon lecture series on Korea-related topics.

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON: UW Korean Studies • The University of Washington maintains one of the oldest programs in the United States providing undergraduate and graduate training in Korean studies in a variety of disciplines.


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