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Table Description
Table 1 Educational Attainment (4-year college degree or higher) - People 25 years and older - by State and Race/Ethnicity, 2000

Table 2 Employed Civilian Population by Sector, Race/Ethnicity, and State, 2000

Table 3 Median Houshold and Per Capita Income by State and Racial and Asian Groups, 2000

Table 4 Unemployment Rate - People in labor force 16 years and older - by State and Race/Ethnicity

Table 5 Total and Senior Poverty Rates by States and by Race/Ethnicity, 2000

Table 6 Nativity and Citizenship for Selected Asian Groups by Adulthood and State, 2000

Table 7 English-Speaking Ability for Foreign-Born Population by Selected States, 2000

Table 8 Percent of Population 5 Years and Over in Linguistically Isolated Household