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Mission, Goals and Objectives. CKAKS is dedicated to serving as a focal point of Korean American and Korean studies in the Los Angeles area. It was originally established to coordinate studies on Korean culture and tradition, to compile data on the Korean-American community and its activities, to systematically analyze and document its achievements and problems, and to develop bi-cultural curriculum materials on Koreans and Korean cultural traditions. Specifically, CKAKS' main objectives have been to promote, coordinate, and conduct research and publication activities related to Korean American and Korean studies; to sponsor conferences, seminars, symposia and exhibits; and to serve as a cultural resource and research center for the local community.

Since its inception, CKAKS has published nine books, sponsored numerous conferences, seminars, workshops and occasional lecture series. It sponsored continuing education and special topics classes on Korean Music, Korean Literature, and Korea Society. All of its operating revenues were generated by institutional grants, contributions from the community, and by the sale of the Center’s publications. CKAKS has more than 2,500 books, journals, and reprint series on Korean and Korean-American studies. Since 1981, the Center has received books and periodicals from organizations such as the Korea Foundation, Academy of Korean Studies and universities in Korea..


The administrative structure of CKAKS consists of two co-directors, a Steering Committee, and an Advisory Committee. The Steering Committee, which assists the two co-directors, was originally comprised of faculty and a student representative. The Advisory Committee, which consults the Director and Steering Committee, is composed of additional faculty, a representatives of the Los Angeles Korean-American community, and a representiave of the Korean-Alumni Association.


CKAKS is located at California State University, Los Angeles, which itself is situated in the proximity of the largest concentration of Koreans and Korean-Americans in the United States.

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