Acculturation by Ethnicity and Language (H7)
Mexican-Americans were more likely report greater acculturation compared to the other ethnic groups
All ethnic groups who were fluent in English were more likely to be acculturated compared to others who spoke primarily their own native language (t=16.585; p<0.0001)
Chinese Americans (M=2.34; SD=0.78) have higher acculturation level compared to Korean-Americans (M= 1.88; SD=0.64).

Patient-doctor relationships by ethnicities and language (H7)
The three ethnic groups showed significant differences in satisfaction with the doctor-patient relationship (F=7.5; p<0.001).
Korean-Americans reported the greatest satisfaction (M=25.1; SD=4.39)
Mexican-Americans reported the lowest doctor-patient relationship satisfaction scores (M=22.85; SD=4.39)