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(B) Captions

ASX File

Once a video file and a SAMI file is created, an ASX file will be created. The ASX file will load both files into the media player. Windows Media Player will only display captions if a user has
enabled this feature.

To create ASX file:

  1. Open up a new file on Notepad and paste the following:

    <asx version="3.0">
        <ref href="mediaclip.avi?sami=mediaclip.smi" />
        <title>The title for the clip goes here</title>
        <author>Your Name</author>
        <copyright>(c) 2007 - CalState L.A.</copyright>
  2. Edit the file names in bolded red.
  3. In the File Name textbox type in mediaclip.asx.
  4. In the Save as type dropdown select All Files.
  5. Click Save.

You have now created an ASX file. For accessibility reasons, users should have Windows Media files open in the standlone player instead of the internet browser.

To insert ASX file on webpage:

<p>Download to play this sample Windows Media file:<a href="mediaclip.asx">mediaclip.asx</a></p>

Play this sample Windows Media file: news640.asx

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