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(N) Forms: Source Code

Syle Source Code

<form id="whiteform" action="..." method="post">
 <legend>Personal Information</legend>
 <label for="name">Name:</label><input name="name" id="name" type="text">
 <label for="email">Email:<br><span>Only school emails are acceptable.</span></label>
 <input name="email" id="email" type="text"><br>
 <label for="phone">Phone:</label><input name="phone" id="phone" type="text">
 <p>Is this your first time applying?</p>
 <label for="yes" >Yes: </label>
 <input name="question" id="yes" type="radio" value="yes"> <br>
 <label for="no" >No: </label>
 <input name="question" id="no" type="radio" value="no">

   <fieldset class="left">
    <legend>Select Available Days</legend>
    <label for="mon">Monday: </label>
    <input name="days" id="mon" type="checkbox" value="mon"><br>
    <label for="tues">Tuesday: </label>
    <input name="days" id="tues" type="checkbox" value="tues"><br>
    <label for="wed">Wednesday: </label>
    <input name="wed" id="wed" type="checkbox" value="wed"><br>
    <label for="thurs">Thusday: </label>
    <input name="thurs" id="thurs" type="checkbox" value="thurs"><br>

   <fieldset class="right">
    <legend>Select Quarter</legend>
    <p>The following quarters are currently available.</p>
    <label for="group">Group:</label>
    <select name="group" id="group">
    <option selected="selected" label="none" value="none">none</option>
    <optgroup label="2008">
    <option label="Fall" value="va_1a">Fall 2008</option>
    <option label="Winter" value="va_1b">Winter 2008</option>
    <option label="Spring" value="va_1c">Spring 2008</option>
    <option label="Summer" value="va_1c">Summer 2008</option>
    <optgroup label="2009">
    <option label="Fall" value="va_2a">Fall 2009</option>
    <option label="Winter" value="va_2a">Winter 2009</option>
<br class="clearfloat">

 <legend>Additional Information</legend>
 <label for="comment">Comment:<br><span>Feel free to add any related information that would ensure our understanding.</span></label>
 <textarea name="comment" id="comment" cols="22" rows="10"></textarea>

<p class="center">
<input id="send" type="submit" value="Send">


Personal Information

Is this your first time applying?

Select Available Days

Select Quarter

The following quarters are currently available.

Additional Information

5151 State University Drive . Los Angeles . CA 90032 . (323) 343-3000
2014 Trustees of the California State University

Last Update: 09/25/2012