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Accessible Technology Initiative First Year Web Report

Executive Summary

Cal State Los Angeles formed a campus Web Accessibility Working Group early this year and began an analysis of the accessibility of campus web sites. The list of Campus Cross Section Links was produced, followed by the Campus Repair sample.

HiSoftware tools were downloaded, deployed, and key staff were trained using the training provided by the CSU. The campus is finalizing the business process for distributing the HiSoftware AccVerify/Repair and Hi Caption software. AccMonitor will be installed on a campus server.

HiSoftware reports were generated for each link in the Cross Section list. Training on the CSU Section 508 Manual Evaluation was completed and manual evaluations were generated for each link on the Campus Repair Sample list. Based on the results, repairs were made to all pages that were not in compliance.

The next step in repairing the remaining Campus Cross Section Links is training the Page Authors for each of these pages, to enable each of them to make any needed repairs. All remaining Campus Cross Section Links will be retested for compliance using both the HiSoftware software and the CSU Section 508 Manual Evaluation.

Cal State Los Angeles is now working on completing the Web Accessibility Implementation Plan. Draft copies of this plan and a proposed campus Web Page Accessibility Policy are presently being reviewed by the campus Web Accessibility Working Group.

Campus Cross Section Links

The list of Campus Cross Section links along with the HiSoftware reports for each is available at:

The process used to select the cross Section links was as follows. First, navigation from the main university web site was examined to identify top level pages and add them to the list. Second, navigation from the university portal was examined to identity additional links that provided the diversity desired in the cross Section listing. Combined together, the cross Section list was reviewed by the University’s Web Accessibility Working Group and adopted.

Campus Repair Sample

The list of Campus Repair Sample links is available at the following web site:

The CSU 508 Manual Evaluation reports are connected to this web page with the links in the far right corner. Follow the individual links to view a specific report.

The process used to select the repair sample was as follows. First, web analytics were generated for the entire cross Section list using the campus Web Trends server. Second, based on highest demand, a subset of the cross Section list was created to form the repair sample. The repair sample was reviewed by the University’s Web Accessibility Working Group and adopted.

Summary of Actions Taken

Based on the results of both the HiSoftware reports and the CSU 508 Manual Evaluation a plan was developed to make repairs for each violation. All web pages in the campus repair sample that had Section 508 violations have been repaired.

A description of the actions taken is available at:

In general, there was a high number of missing ALT tags in 14 documents. Beyond that, details for each repair can be viewed on the web page cited above.

Estimate to Fix Remaining Campus Cross Section Links

Information Technology Services (ITS) Web Services completed fixes on the repair sample. The remaining items on the Cross Section list will be repaired by the Page Author. To accomplish this each Page Authors of these remaining sites must go through the training on overall Section 508 and the Manual Evaluation the university is developing and will deploy. If the Page Author can perform the CSU 508 Manual Evaluation and pass, they will have a high likelihood of passing the AccMonitor reporting performed by ITS to ensure compliance.

Development of training for Page Authors is underway. Content will be completed by June 30, 2007. Initial training will be provided by August 31, 2007, with the goal of having trained individuals to repair their pages prior to the start of the Fall Quarter 2007.

Campus Wide Trends

The major challenge for the campus is to develop a highly distributed process for publishing consistently-accessible pages on the web, with clearly defined accountability to assuring compliance with the campus Web Accessibility Policy. Each division, college, and department presently has a different approach concerning who can be a Page Author, and who within the unit has the organizational responsibility to ensure accessibility compliance.

Organizational and Infrastructure Challenges

There is presently no delineation of responsibility for web page compliance within several campus divisions and colleges. This responsibility will need to be determined and assigned. In addition, many Page Authors must be trained on Section 508 compliance.

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