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Winter 2003, Volume 9.1., Editor: Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte


  ur Sociology alumni who have gone on to work toward higher degrees or to work in the field continue to distinguish themselves.

Richard Garvey (MA) is heading an interview-based research study at Rand involving the spread of HIV among the homeless. He is currently a Field Project Manager. Richard occasionally crosses paths with Research Assistant Terence Wayne a CSLA alumna (BA).

Daniel Santos (BA) is pursuing an MSW degree at CSU Long Beach and has taken a new position as a case-worker for the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services. Mr. Santos works for the Emergency Response and Family Reunification segments.

Anthony Francoso (MA) spoke at the October 18-20 national meeting of the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) in Albuquerque, NM. His presentation: “Radio Clandestina: Media Activism & Community Organizing in East L.A.” was based on his CSLA MA   thesis.

Anthony Francoso (MA) & Juan Santos (BA) are in the UCSB Ph.D. program in Sociology. Both were quoted in the Santa Barbara Free Press as advocates for the new Graduate Program in Chicano Studies there.  Anthony Francoso provided sociological perspective, saying that such a program: “legitimizes a segment of society that has been largely ignored by academia.”

Know anyone who graduated from CSLA? Drop word by the Sociology Department or send email us with news about them.



 CSLA Sociology Students Excel


  he Department of Sociology sends a big “well-done” to our five students named in the latest Who’s Who Among America’s College and University Students for academic achievement qualifying them for the national Deans List:

     * Christine Petit

     * Veronica Rivera

     * Sarah Smith

     * Michelle Ysais

     * Francisco Zelaya Jr.


  ach year a small number of scholarships are awarded by the Sociology Department to deserving students. Congratulations go to our last round of scholarship winners for 2002-2003:


     * Annette Hunt

     * Tanya Jackson

     * Acela Ojeda

For those of you who are interested, ask for more information at the Student Affairs Scholarship Office. With a single application, students are reviewed for all campus-based scholarships for the year. When the criteria for consideration are met, a copy of the application is forwarded on to the relevant office. Sociology Achievement scholarship decisions  are made by a faculty committee. So remember, you cannot win if you do not apply.

Congratulations to Our Newest Colleagues


  e are pleased to welcome our newest colleagues, who have successfully completed their MA degrees – William Smith and Rosa Castro-Rodriguez. 

Ms. Castro-Rodriguez defended her thesis, Who Do the Elderly Turn to for Help in Everyday Life? on June 11th of 2002. Her MA Thesis Committee consisted of Dr. Larry Hong (Chair), Dr. Edward Clarke & Dr. Delos Kelly.

Mr. Smith, on December 4th, defended his thesis, A Passionate Discourse: The Presentation of Sexual Self in Online Communities. His Thesis Committee consisted of Dr. Janet Lever (Chair), Dr. Lawrence Hong, and Dr. Gretchen Peterson.


  hanks to faculty Webmaster Gretchen Peterson and our Chair, Dr.  Delos Kelly,  the CSLA Sociology Department website is an excellent source of information and interest.

Before the CSLA quarter schedule comes out, the Sociology Quarter Schedule is posted on the web site. The site features faculty profiles,  events, conferences, funding, and other items of interest to our majors. Come on in to the Department Office and ask for the on line “tour” or just check it out at: http://www.


  he Sociology faculty at CSLA are active professionals who, in addition to teaching, maintain a strong presence in the discipline. Here are a few of the most recent accomplishments. Check the faculty profiles on the Sociology web site for more.

Newest Faculty Book

Elaine Draper, one of our two newest members of the Sociology faculty, has written a book now hot off the presses. The Company Doctor: Risk., Responsibility, and Corporate Professionalism. (2003, Russell Sage). Students enrolled in SOC 446 (Sociology of Occupations & Professions) this quarter are benefiting from her expertise.

Faculty Publications & Presentations

Kazem Alamdari’s analytic review of the book What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response by Bernard Lewis was featured in Third World Quarterly, 2003, Vol. 24:#1 (pp177-186). The title of Dr. Alamdari’s critical review is “Terrorism Cuts across the East & West: Deconstructing Lewis’s Orientalism.”

Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte and Gunnar Valgeirsson were the only 2 sociologists invited to present at an international conference on Identifying Culture, sponsored by the University of Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden. Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte and co-author Dr. Valgeirsson presented their paper on “American Journalism: Multicultural Mandates Mired in Monocultural Newsrooms (6/02). Fourteen countries were represented among the 25 presenters invited.

Lawrence K. Hong and colleague Dr. Robert W. Duff published their article on “Modulated Participant-Observation: Managing the Dilemma of Distance in Field Research” (pp.190-196) in Field Methods, Vol.14: No. 2.  

Terry Kandal presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Southwest Labor Studies Association (May 10, 2002) titled: “Finding Working-Class Struggles in the Shadows of Racial/Ethnic, Gender Conflicts and Identity Politics.”

Ruzanna Karmiryan presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA), on April 19, 2002, entitled: “National Language Instruction among Armenian-Americans”

Janet Lever

Dr. Lever’s May 2002 CSLA Colloquium presentation, “Office Sex & Romance: What the New ELLE/MSNBC Survey Revealed” provided an overview of her online research. Dr. Lever published these findings in the June issue of ELLE magazine.

Nita Vaidya presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association (April 19), entitled: “Immigration in a Competitive Global Market: A Comparative Study of Indian Immigrants, the U.S. & the U.K."

Jim Yu, CSLA Sociology Professor Emeritus, edited an anthology that also featured three of his articles:

Koreans in Southern California, 1900-1965, 

Democratization & Unification Movements among Korean Americans,” and

Demographic Characteristics of the Korean Population in the United States, 1900-2000.

(100 Year History of Korean Immigration to America” (Korean American United Foundation: Los Angeles, 2002).

Dr. Yu also published the article, “Korean Population in U.S., 2000: Demographic Characteristics & Socio-Economic Status,” in the International Journal of Korean Studies, Vol. 6: No.1, Spring / Summer 2002 (pp.71-108) with co-authors Peter Choe & Sang-il, Han.

What Else are We Up To?     

Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte is releasing the final report on her national study of diversity and ethics in American journalism on March 14, 2003, at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte undertook this Ford Foundation grant-funded study with journalists Jose Benevides and Mercedes Lynn deUriarte. Faculty member Gunnar Valgeirsson, also provided consultancy as sociologist and international journalist. 

CSLA student research assistants:

Victoria Cederlow (MA alumna); Anthony Francoso (MA alumnus); Dasha Haas (BA & MA student); and Daniel Santos (BA alumnus) are acknowledged in the report.

Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte trained CSU-Dominguez Hills faculty in the assessment of student outcomes. CSU-DH has officially adopted the assessment process she developed.

Lawrence K. Hong is using digital technology for research-based photo essays on sociology topics, most recently issues of inequalities: status contrasts, HIV / AIDS and sexuality in Thailand. Look for the Spring 2003 newsletter on the publication of two of Dr. Hong’s photo-essays.

Ruzanna Karmiryan taught  SOC 120-05 (Intimate Relationships) Fall 2002. Along with guest speaker, Brenda Calderon from the Los Angeles Women Alive Organization, Karmiryan’s students presented and engaged in a class discussion on “Love in the Age of AIDS” that was videotaped by Channel 7 for a segment on Vista L.A. The show aired Sunday, November 4, 2002. 


  e are pleased to welcome the two new tenure-track faculty who joined our department this Fall 2002 quarter. Elaine Draper and Tieting Su. The Department rolled out the red carpet with a faculty get-together at the home of the Associate Chair .  To further introduce Dr. Draper and Dr. Su to our wider academic community of students and staff, we are featuring their most recent accomplishments in this newsletter. 

For further information on the earlier accomplishments of our newest faculty, check their web pages in the faculty profiles section of the Sociology Department website at: http://www.


  r. Draper will be teaching the following Spring Quarter courses: SOC 489-01, Sociological Considerations for Jury Consultants (MW 2:30-4:10), & SOC 201-02, Principles of Sociology (MW 10:50-12:30).

Dr. Elaine Draper, among other things, is an expert in the sociology of occupations and professions and the sociology of law. Her roles on national committees reflect this.

Dr. Draper was recently appointed or elected to 3 national committees:

AAAS Electorate Nominating Committee of the Societal Impacts of Science and Engineering Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

LSA Nominations Committee for the Law & Society Association.

Max Weber Award Committee of the Organizations, Occupations and Work Section of the American Sociological Association.

Dr. Draper presented a paper at the October 2002 annual meeting of the California Sociological Association entitled: “Genetic Privacy and Public Rights.”

Dr. Draper was also awarded a 2003 CSLA Research Seed Grant for work in progress. The Spring edition of the newsletter will provide an update on presentations scheduled for Spring.

Dr. Draper’s book The Company Doctor: Risk., Responsibility, and Corporate Professionalism is now available.




  r. Su will be teaching the following Spring Quarter courses: SOC 210b-01, Elementary Statistics (T 6:30-8:10 + labs), & SOC 590-01, The Graduate Seminar in Social Research (M 4:20-8:10).

Tieting Su, in line with his areas of expertise, has been teaching our statistics courses and SOC 423, The  Political Economy of Globalization & Resistance (Fall 02 / Winter 03).

Dr. Su is actively involved with colleagues from UC-Riverside, UC-Irvine, UC-Santa Cruz & UC-Santa Barbara who, together, comprise a World-Systems and Globalization Studies Network.

Dr. Tieting Su encourages student involvement with this network. – Of note: Annebelle Nery & Michelle Ysais were recently welcomed by the Institute for Research on World-Systems (hosted by UC-Riverside) during Graduate Preview Day, an event sponsored by the network.

Dr. Su recently published an article titled: “Myth and Mystery of GlobalizationReview, Vol. XXV: No. 4 (2002).

On October 24th of 2002, Dr. Su presented a lecture on “Yesterday, Yier, & the Night” for the CSLA Chinese Studies Center.

NEW Advisors!


eginning in Spring 2003, new faculty members, Dr. Draper & Dr. Su will be joining Dr. Peterson and Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte as Sociology Program Undergraduate Advisors.


Remember – Students MUST apply for graduation well ahead of the graduation date desired. Check the Quarter Schedule or the Department of Sociology bulletin boards for graduation application dates.


Students MUST meet with one of the Sociology Major Program  Advisors to complete appropriate paperwork BEFORE paying for their graduation application. Deadlines are strict.



ne way to make YOUR RESUME STAND OUT – to show that you have a special area of expertise and more commitment and maturity to your interests than others in the job market or in the graduate school application pool – is to have acquired a minor or a certificate along with your BA degree.

The University Catalog lists minor and certificate programs offered at CSULA. Several of these programs include sociology courses that may be used both on the major program and for the minor or certificate. For example:

Applied Gerontology Certificate offered through the CSULA Roybal Institute  (323) 343-4724 allows students to use SOC 323, SOC 450, SOC 452, & SOC 453.

Child Maltreatment & Family Violence Certificateoffered through the College of Health & Human Services – allows students to use SOC 421, SOC 440, SOC 482, SOC 383 (& are adding SOC 485).

Labor & Working Class Studies Minor – offered through the History Department – allows students to use SOC 446, SOC 447, SOC 448

Social Gerontology Minor – offered by the Department of Sociology – allows students to complete all but      8 units of the minor using sociology courses.


Faculty & Graduate Students Gather


n Friday, the 24th of January, about 20 CSLA sociology graduate students and 6 of their sociology professors gathered at the home of faculty member Jon Snodgrass to mingle, snack, and learn more about the graduate school experience.

The atmosphere was cheerful and students report enjoying the chance to meet and interact with the faculty and peers in an informal setting. About half of the students attending were relatively new to the program.

The Department acknowledges with appreciation the faculty who each spoke briefly, sharing their insights on graduate school. Among the speakers were: Elaine Draper – who shared tips for surviving the experience; Terry Kandal – who spoke on the manner of reasoning and critical thinking gained through the Berkeley experience; Tieting Su – who spoke on matching graduate school programs to personal interests. Special thanks go to Jon Snodgrass – who shared both his philosophies and his home. Bernie Berk is to be congratulated on an event well conceived and arranged.

Event Alert


onors Convocation is coming up in April – Keep an eye out for the posters. This is an important annual event where we publicly honor student achievement. Please come add your applause.

Sociology Curriculum Highlights


e are pleased to provide a variety opportunities for enriched educational experiences here at CSLA. Remember to check with the Associate Chair, Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte, for information on internships that can be taken for major program credit as SOC 398,  Co-op Education.

Official “Diversity” (d) Courses  and Sociology


eed a diversity course? Now both SOC 202 and SOC 120 are diversity courses. They are also both GE Block E courses. Students may use either of these courses for the Block E requirement AND may even use both of them, if desired, to satisfy diversity requirements.

SOC 300 and SOC 348 may ONLY be used to satisfy diversity courses if they are NOT also being used as Major Program electives.

Old Courses with Newer Numbers


ust a reminder that the following courses have been renumbered over the past several years. Students may not get credit for both courses:

          SOC 322A is now SOC 322

          SOC 322b is now SOC 323

          SOC 400 is now SOC 300

Special Topics Courses


he Department of Sociology faculty members are experts in a great number of topics – too many to include in the standard curriculum. To provide students with opportunities to benefit from such expertise, we will occasionally offer Special Topics courses listed as SOC 454. Students may take SOC 454 as often as the topic changes – so keep your eye out – these are often “one-shot” offerings.




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