Procedures for the Administration of Student Opinion Surveys

(Senate: 11/2/76, 10/26/93, 7/11/06, 6/4/13; President: 12/16/76, 12/13/93, 8/3/06, 7/31/13; Editorial Amendment: 9/00, 8/01)

Student opinion surveys used in the formal evaluation of instructional performance shall be administered by the University at the frequency specified by The Student Opinion Survey on Instruction policy.  The window for the administration of the survey shall begin two weeks before the end of the term and close at the end of the last day of classes.  The survey shall include the following set of closed-ended items:

  1. The course syllabus clearly stated course objectives, requirements and grading criteria.

  2. The readings and assignments contributed to my understanding of the subject.

  3. Exams, projects, papers, etc. were good measures of the course material.

  4. The instructor provided timely feedback about my performance in the class.

  5. The instructor clearly presented the subject matter.

  6. The instructor was well prepared.

  7. The instructor demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter.

  8. The instructor was accessible to provide requested help in the subject.

  9. The instructor was respectful and unbiased when interacting with students.

  10. The course contributed to my intellectual growth and/or helped me develop useful skills.

  11. Overall the instructor was an effective teacher.

For each question, students shall be provided with the opportunity to provide one of the following evaluative responses with associated point values:

Strongly agree  (5)

Agree  (4)

Somewhat agree/disagree  (3)

Disagree  (2)

Strongly Disagree  (1)

Donít Know/Not Applicable

Students shall be provided the opportunity to provide comments.  The survey shall include the following prompt:  Please use the following space for any comments you wish to make.  Such comments are a direct communication from the student to the instructor regarding course content, method of presentation, materials, assignments, or any other area of instructional performance.