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How to Order an Official Transcript

Official transcripts of course work taken at California State University Los Angeles (including Open University, Extension and Summer Sessions) may be obtained by filing an Official Transcript Request form at the University Cashier Office.

A written letter is acceptable in lieu of an Official Transcript Request Form for those students unable to file a request form in person. The letter must include the full name of the student used while in attendance at CSLA, the Student Identification Number, birth date, dates of attendance, return address, address where the transcript(s) is to be sent, and any special conditions that the student may wish to make prior to having the transcript sent (e.g.: inclusion of current quarter in progress grades or verification of a degree just awarded, etc.).The student's signature must be included on the request form and/or individual letter.

A fee for official transcripts is charged and is payable in advance. Checks should be made payable to California State University, Los Angeles.

The cost of a single transcript is $4.00. When more than one transcript is ordered at the same time, the first copy costs $4.00, the second through tenth copies cost $2.00 each, and any copies in excess of ten cost $1.00 each.

All Official Transcript Request forms and letters, including the appropriate fee, must be submitted at or mailed to the Cashier Office, California State University, Los Angeles, 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032.

An official transcript can usually be sent within one week after receipt of the request. However, requests that specify inclusion of grades just earned or verification of a degree just awarded cannot be filled until two to three weeks after the end of the quarter. Every attempt will be made to meet specific deadline dates that the requester may require, however, the specific date must be indicated on the front of the request. Students may provide a pre-paid Express Mail envelope with the request to expedite the mailing process.

All official transcripts are mailed to the address designated on the Transcript Request form or letter. Only in extreme conditions may transcripts be obtained in person. All transcripts sent to students are marked "Issued to Student" and may not be considered official by other educational institutions. In addition, employers and other business concerns may not consider these transcripts official if the seal on the mailing envelope is broken. Students must specify in their request form or letter if they desire transcripts to be sent in separate sealed envelopes.

Transcripts are not issued until all outstanding accounts with the University are paid.

Only California State University, Los Angeles transcripts will be issued. Copies of other schools' transcripts are NOT included. Transcripts from other schools must be ordered from their original source.

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