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The Department of Psychology offers programs leading to Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Master of Science degrees. A minor is also available for students who are majoring in other fields in which a knowledge of psychology would be beneficial.

Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior of both humans and animals. Some psychologists are primarily concerned with learning more about human behavior through scientific methods; others are concerned with the application of psychological principles, as in psychotherapy, applied behavior analysis, and industrial psychology.


Important Notice: Program Impaction

The Psychology major has been declared an impacted program. Effective Fall 2011, supplementary admission criteria will be used for incoming freshman, transfer students, and students changing majors.

» If you are interested in applying to CSULA as a First-time Freshman or Transfer Student, click here for information regarding supplemental program admission criteria to the psychology major. If you have questions about impaction, you can contact the Office of Admissions at (323) 343-3901, send an email to, or by visiting the Student Information Center located in the Student Affairs bldg, room 101.

» Current CSULA students wishing to change their major to psychology, go here for GPA requirements and application.


What do Psychologists do?

Some specific areas of opportunities for Psychology majors with various degrees of professional training include clinical and counseling psychology (personal adjustment of individuals as in marriage counseling), community psychology (welfare agencies or mental health organizations), developmental psychology (children's clinic or hospitals), experimental psychology (in research settings), human factors psychology (assessment of human performance), psychometric psychology (design of tests to assess individuals' abilities and interests), and social psychology (behavior of individuals).