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Student Learning Outcomes

BA Afro-American Studies

Value for critical thinking
Valuing of diverse perspectives
An appreciation for scholarship and the importance of ideas for personal and community advancement
Value for diversity as a positive attribute of humanity  
Value for the interconnections between scholarship and effective social action
Value for lifelong learning
Understanding of diversity within the Black community (in terms of gender, class, sexual orientation, national origin, etc.)
General grasp of the historical context of contemporary Pan-African challenges.
Understanding of shared experience and contemporary interconnections among people of African descent throughout the world.
Basic knowledge of African history, cultures and politics, including (ancient African kingdoms, colonialism, independence movements, contemporary period)
Basic knowledge of African-American history, culture and politics, including (slavery, Civil Rights, Black Power, Electoral Politics contemporary period)
Basic knowledge of African/African-American cultural expressions, including literature, music, film, art, etc.
Understanding of African/African-American activist traditions and its ramifications for national and global equity and justice  
Basic Understanding of the intellectual tradition and seminal thinkers associated with the Black experience
Ability to critically engage in analyses from a Black perspective
Ability to engage in scholarly research, including the gathering of appropriate sources and employment of suitable methodologies
Skilled presentation of research findings through written and oral means.
Ability to historicize and compare contemporary conditions in the Pan African world
Ability to examine intersectional oppressions simultaneously (race, gender, class, etc.)
Ability to relate formal instruction in PAS to practical arenas of endeavor, e.g., career, activism, entrepreneurial, and others 

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