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courses in pan-african studies

Lower Division Courses

PAS 102 The African Diaspora in the United States (4) (also listed as LAS 102)

Diversity among the varied people of African descent in the United States and their relation to the dominant society.     GE D

PAS 108 Comparative Ethnic Studies (4) (also listed as LAS, AAAS, CHS 108)

This survey course examines comparatively the notions of "race" and ethnicity, the exploitation based on these statuses, and the resulting resistance and multi-ethnic social movements in the U.S. and elsewhere.

PAS 120 Elementary Igbo (4 Units).

Methodical presentation of fundamental structure of language through hearing, speaking, reading and writing Igbo. Introduction to the customs, culture, and institutions of the Igbo people.     GE C3

PAS 250AB African History  (4, 4)

Major themes of African history from origin of man and African civilization to institutional realities of Africa today.      GE D

PAS 251AB African American History  (4, 4)

History of African Americans from the beginning of the nation to the present.

PAS 254 Special Topics in Pan-African Studies  (14)

Prerequisite:  As needed for specific topic.  Current topics of special interest to students in Pan-African Studies, as announced in Schedule of Classes.  May be repeated to maximum of 8 units as subject matter changes.

PAS 260 Third World Images in Film  (4)  (also listed as CHS 260)

Introduction to a critical examination of the historical and cultural representations of Third World peoples, including U.S. and Third World cinemas.      GE C2

Upper Division Courses

PAS 301 The Black Experience Across Disciplines: Intensive Writing and Research (4)

Prerequisites: ENGL 102 and satisfactory completion of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). Interdisciplinary approach to Pan-African Studies that provides an intensive writing experience including: thesis-statement development, organization and structure, citations bibliography, data collection, argumentation/methodology, and utilization of editorial assessment.

PAS 327 Ethnicity and Emotions in U.S. Film (4)  (also listed as ENGL 327 and CHS 327)

Prerequisites:  Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block C.  Critical analysis of the representations of ethnicity and emotions in U.S. film.     GE Theme E

PAS 342 Cultural Impact of Development  (4)  (also listed as LAS 342)

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block C.  Impact of colonialism, neocolonialism and globalization on art, literature, music and identity in developing countries.      GE Theme A

PAS 348 Class, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender (4) (also listed as AAAS 348, CHS 348 and SOC 348)

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block D. Examination of social class, sex/gender, and ethnicity/race as bases of inequality and the processes by which inequalities are maintained or reproduced. Some coarse sections may require service-learning.           GE Theme H

PAS 360 Dynamics of Change in the Developing World  (4)  (also listed as LAS 360 and POLS 360)

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block D.  Case studies illustrating why the third world came into being and how it is changing in the context of the globalized world economy.     GE Theme A

PAS 369 Race, Activism, and Emotions (4)

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block D. With reference to historic and contemporary movements for racial justice, this course examines how human emotions both shape, and are shaped by, individual and group action.       GE Theme E

PAS 377 Literary Explorations of Justice and Racism (4)  (also listed as ENGL 377)

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block C.  Analysis of the literary depiction of racism and justice, with emphasis on the treatment of civil rights issues in fiction, drama, and poetry.      GE Theme H

PAS 380 Education and Development in the Third World (4)  (also listed as EDFN 380 and LAS 380)

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block D.  Comparative analysis of the systems of education in the Third World with particular emphasis on educational problems and issues, and their relationship to economic development and social change.

PAS 386 Literature and the Third World (4)  (also listed as ENGL 386)        

Prerequisites: Completion of Basis Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block C.  Critically survey cultural representations, themes, and techniques of Third World literature and their Western diaspora writers.

PAS 395 Service in Black Community  (14)

Prerequisites:  Approval by department faculty adviser in consultation with EPIC Director, acceptance by community agency.  Participation in work of community agency or activity utilizing professional and/or vocational skills in service to community.  Graded CR/NC.  Credit toward baccalaureate limited to 4 units.

PAS 400 Psychology and African Americans (4)

An examination of psychological research/theory relevant to African Americans, particularly the impact of racial discrimination on identity, class, gender, sexual orientation, biracialism, family-community relations, education, and mental health.

PAS 401 Topics on Education and African American Advancement  (4)

Exposes students to controversies over education as a factor in African American advancement, including desegregation, busing, community control, inner-city education, affirmative action, performance ratings, multiculturalism, charter schools, vouchers and others.

PAS 402 Black Political Economy  (4)

Examines American capitalism and government policy in relation to racial discrimination and inequality; course also explores strategies of economic empowerment and social justice in the black experience.

PAS 403 The Black Intellectual Tradition (4)

A comprehensive survey of the modern black intellectual tradition and relevant social movements, including thinkers associated with nationalism, socialism, communism, liberalism, populism, feminism, Pan-identity, conservatism and other approaches to thought.

PAS 404 The Black Family  (4)

Examines transitions of the African American family from slavery to the present, including distinctive structures/values and interpretations of its African heritage.

PAS 405 Black Feminism (4)

Examines ideas associated with Black feminism -- social foundations of Black women's consciousness, Black male-female relations and engagement with other feminisms, both mainstream and amongst women of color.

PAS 406 Black Women Leaders in Thought and Politics (4)

Highlights the civic engagement of Black women in America and comparative contexts. The course emphasizes black gender identity as an influence on political, religious, social, professional and intellectual activism.

PAS 408 Comparative Diaspora Studies (4) (also listed as AAAS, CHS, LAS 408)

Prerequisite: Any lower division course in AAAS, PAS, CHS or LAS. The course is a comparative examination of diaspora among principally Africans, Asians and Latin Americans emphasizing the conditions of dispersal, the patterns of settlement, and the formations of global tribes.

PAS 412 Third World Women and Development  (4)

Prerequisites:  Upper division standing:  ANTH 250 recommended.  The status and role of Third World women in societal development with primary emphasis on black women in developing counties.

PAS 414 African Diaspora: Globalization, Locality, Community (4)

Concepts such as globalization, identity, locality and community are used to expose students to diversity within the African Diaspora and to countries with significant populations or subpopulations of African descendants.

PAS 416 Pan Africanism and World Politics  (4)

The interplay of Pan-Africanism as a cultural and sociopolitical movement in world politics.

PAS 417 Hip-Hop as Political Expression (4)

Course examines Rap/Hip-Hop music as a form of political expression, with special emphasis on its domestic and international influence among youth in marginalized communities.

PAS 418 African American Religion as Civic Culture (4)

Examines African American religion as a unique civic culture, including protest movements, political engagement, leadership formation, public policy, intellectual/theological traditions, Pan African identity, Islam/ black nationalism, and international affairs.

PAS 420 African Foundations of African American Culture (4)

Exploration of existence of Africanisms, retentions, and syncretisms in the New World and their relationship to contemporary events and society.

PAS 421 African American Music as History and Criticism (4)

Relates definitive styles of African American music to their original historical and social contexts as well as to assessments of each genre's influence on black identity and race relations.

PAS 422 Themes in Black Literature  (4)

Analysis and discussion of representative works of black authors from 18th century to present.

PAS 426 African Literature  (4)  (also listed as ENGL 426)

Prerequisite:  ENGL 250.  African literature and its cultural background.  Intensive study of writers in English and others in translation.  Critical compositions and reports required.

PAS 440 Power and African American Communities (4)

Study of power relations in African American communities, including the interaction of community and dominant institutions.

PAS 441 Power and African American Communities: Field Research (4)

Prerequisite:  PAS 440 recommended.  Supervised study and field research on topics relevant to power in African American communities.

PAS 456 Politics of the Caribbean and Central America  (4)  (also listed as POLS 456)

Prerequisite:  POLS 150.  Political development and dependency in the Caribbean and Central America.

PAS 490 Special Topics in Pan-African Studies  (4)

Prerequisite:  Instructor consent.  Presentation and discussion of academic papers relating to given topic;  lectures aimed at critical analysis and appraisal.  May be repeated once for credit.

PAS 495 Senior Thesis  (1-4)

Prerequisites:  ENGL 102*; passing WPE score; PAS 301; senior standing; consent of full-time faculty member to serve as advisor and recommendation of department chair. Individual project/senior thesis on Pan African Studies topic; course emphasizes research techniques, problem identification, hypothesis formulation, data gathering/analysis, effective writing and academic standards of format/style.

*Students subject to earlier catalogs satisfy this prerequisite with ENGL 101.

PAS 499 Undergraduate Directed Study  (14)

Prerequisites:  Minimum of 8 units in Pan-African Studies, 3.0 grade point average, senior or graduate standing, consent of full-time faculty member to serve as sponsor, and recommendation of department chairperson.  Term project selected in conference with sponsor, progress meetings held regularly, final report required.  May be repeated to maximum of 8 units.

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