"Roadmaps" to Graduation
Graduation Roadmaps are suggested plans designed to inform students about the sequence of courses needed to satisfy degree requirements. Choose the "Roadmap" that best fits your situation. Course Schedules for the next two years are provided so that you know when the courses of your plan will next be offered. Roadmaps are not meant to cover every possibility, but are simple guides to help you along the way. Likewise, the schedules listed here are projected course offerings subject to changes in faculty availability and student demand.


  Anthropology   Mathematics
  Biological Sciences   Natural Science
  Chemistry & Biochemistry   Pan African Studies
  Chicano Studies   Physics & Astronomy
  Geography & Urban Analysis   Political Science
  Geological Sciences   Psychology
  History   Sociology
  Latin American Studies   Social Science

We also offer academic advisement to students at the Students Advisement Center and our Office for the Advancement of Science, Engineering & Mathematics Education.