Graduation Information

Applying for Graduation

In order to receive your degree, you must submit a graduation application.  Students should apply for graduation 2 quarters ahead of their anticipated completion date.  Students must have completed at least 135 units in order to submit a graduation application.  Courses in which you are currently enrolled do not count towards the 135 total.  The Graduation Office reviews all graduation applications and sends out Graduation Check forms no later than the beginning of your final quarter to verify any remaining requirements.  Students should carefully review these Graduation Check forms to be sure that all requirements have been or will be met.

How To Apply

Graduation applications must be submitted by your major department.  It is important to contact your department to find out their preferred procedures for completing your graduation application.  In general, you will need to complete a graduation application form and a Bachelor's Degree worksheet, pay the graduation application fees at the cashier's office, meet with your major advisor, and finalize your major program. Copies of the required forms can be obtained from your major department, from Administration 146, or from the Graduation Office website.  If you are also completing a minor, you will need to also meet with an advisor from your minor department before your major department can submit your application.  It is important to make any necessary appointments to see an advisor well in advance.  Advisors may run out of available appointment times during the last few days before the applications are due.

Graduation Application Filing Periods

Graduation Applications must be submitted during the designated filing periods each quarter.  If you miss the filing period one quarter, you will have to wait until the next quarter to submit your graduation application. 

Graduation Application Fees

There are two fees associated with applying for graduation.  The first fee is a graduation application fee.  This non-refundable fee is $20 and must be paid every time a students applied for graduation.  The second fee is a $10 diploma fee.  The diploma fee is only paid one time no matter how many times a student may submit a graduation application.

One-Quarter Waiver

Because the graduation application is submitted two quarters in advance, students may not finish all requirements by their expected graduation date.  As long as you are enrolled in at least 1 class during the quarter you expected to graduate, you will receive a one quarter waiver and your graduation application will be automatically transferred to the next quarter.  If you do not finish by the end of the waiver quarter, you will need to submit a new graduation application and pay the required fee.

Graduation Ceremony

There is one graduation ceremony each year at the end of spring quarter.  Students who graduated in the previous 3 quarters along with those students who have applied for a spring graduation participate in the ceremony and have their names listed in the ceremony program.  Students who have applied for a summer graduation may participate in the ceremony in the quarter before their anticipated graduation, however their names will not be listed in the program until the following June.  Students who will be participating in the graduation ceremony should attend the Grad Fair held each spring.

More information about graduation can be found on the University Graduation Office website.