The CSULA Robert Noyce Scholarship Program is now accepting applications!

Programs in Natural Science

Our Natural Science program emphasizes the interrelationships among the several natural science disciplines disciplines and serves as excellent secondary school science teacher preparation. The Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science is designed primarily to prepare students to teach science at the middle or high school level. Two options are available: Traditional (option I) and Blended (option II). Both options satisfy the subject matter requirement for a California Single Subject teaching credential in Science. Students completing the traditional option (I) receive the B.S. degree in Natural Science, while students completing the blended option (II) earn both the B.S. degree in Natural Science and a preliminary teaching credential. Students in both options select one of the following emphasis areas: Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, or Physics.

We also offer a program of study for those who already have a college degree, but seek to fulfill the subject matter requirements for the California Single Subject teaching credential in science.

The Bachelor of Science degree may also be of value to those seeking careers in government, environmental law, ecology, or other areas where a broad science background is useful.

If you want more information about the programs in Natural Science, email or call 323.343.5693. Please indicate what option (blended or traditional) and emphasis (Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience or Physics) in which you are interested in your communication.

Learning Outcomes