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O Reinado do Sol (detail, 2008), by Flįvio Roberto Tavares de Melo (Brazil)

Latin American Studies is an integrative, transdisciplinary field that bridges the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities in its study of the Americas. Latin American Studies includes scholarship on the pre-Colombian societies of the Americas, the physical and cultural geography of the region, cultural and linguistic diversity in Latin America, philosophy, history, economics and economic development in Latin America, international relations and the political systems of the region, globalization and international migration, and the music, literature, art, and popular culture in the Americas.

The Latin American Studies Program at CalStateLA offers the B.A., M.A., and minor in Latin American Studies, as well as a minor in Central American Studies jointly housed in the Latin American Studies Program and the Department of Chicano Studies. All of our degree programs provide our students with a transdisciplinary understanding of Latin America and its connections to the rest of the world, and teach them the analytic and academic skills that will enable their success and continued intellectual growth throughout life, whether through graduate training or entering the workplace. The program is dedicated to increasing students understanding of diversity in Latin America and among Latin American populations in the United States. In addition, the program aims to contribute to our growing understanding of the important links between Latin America and the United States and to engage local Latin American populations and our students in mutually-beneficial partnerships. The program emphasizes strong working relationships between instructors and students and among the students. The program draws upon the expertise of many faculty at CalStateLA whose focus is on Latin America. Faculty and students in the program work closely with local and international community based organizations in their scholarly and community work.

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