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Courses in Religious Studies


Lower Division Courses

RELS 200 Introduction to Comparative Religions (4)
(also listed as PHIL 200)

Methods and concepts in comparative religions; multidisciplinary approaches to the study of ancient and contemporary religious phenomena in literate and illiterate cultures. GE C3

Upper Division Courses

RELS 300 Judaism, Christianity, Islam (4)
Origin and development of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; comprehensive study of ideas, beliefs, and practices in the three religions.

RELS 311 Seeking the Holy: Ancient Traditions, Modern Practices (4)
Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block C or D. Comparative analysis of the ways in which texts, objects, environments, spaces, music and rituals associated with ancient religions shape contemporary human spiritual experiences and social practices.
GE Theme I

RELS 325 Themes of Adult Life in the World’s Religions (4)
Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block C. The role of major world religions in different stages of adult life of women and men in diverse racial ethnic groups and social classes.
GE Theme F

RELS 335 Gender in the Diversity of World Religions (4)
Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block C. Beliefs and practices of major world religions concerning gender roles, sexuality, and sexual orientation, and their manifestations in different social classes and racial and ethnic groups.
GE Theme C

RELS 345 Health and Wellness in World Religions (4)
Prerequisite: RELS/PHIL 200. Impact of Eastern, Western, and traditional religions on health and wellness of their members and society.

RELS 380 Emotion in Religion (4)
Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block D. Emotions in world religions; diversity of feeling and expression according to beliefs, ethics, rituals, social organization, gender, class, race, and ethnicity.
GE Theme E

RELS 400 Methodological Approaches to Comparative Religious Studies (4)
Major methodological approaches to the study of comparative religion, such as historical, phenomenological, philosophical, anthropological, psychological, sociological, and comparative approaches.

RELS 402 Religion and Society in Medieval Europe (4) (also listed as HIST 402)
History of European religious beliefs and practices from the 3rd to the 15th centuries, emphasizing the diversity within medieval Christianity.

RELS 410 Asian Religions (4)
Prerequisite: RELS/PHIL 200. Comparative analysis of Asian religions; history, rituals, religious experiences, beliefs, ethics, religious institutions, and interrelationships with culture.

RELS 423 Migration, Identity, and Religion (4) (also listed as CHS 423 and LAS 423)
Examines the role of the Theology of Liberation and Evangelical Christianity in the lives of Mexicans and Latin Americans in their home countries as well as immigrants in the US.

RELS 430 Spiritual Experiences and Mysticism in World Religions (4)
Comparison of spiritual experiences and mysticism in the major world religions in relation to their respective beliefs, rituals, spiritual disciplines, religious communities, and society.

RELS 450 Art, Religion, and Technology (4) (also listed as ART 450)
Prerequisite: RELS/PHIL 200 or ART 101A, 101B, or 101C. Relations among art, religion, and technology in selected periods of history in major cultures of the world.

RELS 454 Special Topics in Religious Studies (4)
Topics of special interest as announced in Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for credit as subject matter changes.

RELS 455 American Religious History (4) (also listed as HIST 455)
Principal religious figures, groups, issues and movements in U.S. history, with an emphasis on their place in the development of American culture.

RELS 461 Religion and the Nuclear Age (4)
Prerequisites: GE natural science requirement; RELS/PHIL 200. Implications and challenges of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and modern concepts of physics for the religions of the world.

RELS 493 Religion and Society in Chinese History (4) (also listed as HIST 493)
History of religious beliefs and practices throughout Chinese history, emphasizing the competition and mingling of various native and imported religions.

RELS 499 Undergraduate Directed Study (1–4)
Prerequisites: RELS/PHIL 200, instructor consent to act as sponsor. Project selected with instructor before registration; progress meetings held regularly; final report. May be repeated for credit with different topic.