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Student Learning Outcomes

BS Nursing

Level II

Provider of Care:

    • Builds on a foundation of liberal arts and generalist nursing education, demonstrates the knowledge and skill to holistically assess, client needs and capabilities for self-care and provides comprehensive evidence based nursing care to diverse individuals, families, groups and populations across the lifespan and across the continuum of health care environments.

    • Develops, implements, and evaluates a safe evidence-based  plan of care reflecting various levels of complexity in collaboration with clients and other health care providers that promote maximum health and well being.


    • Demonstrates the necessary knowledge and skills related to the teaching-learning process.

    • Communicates and collaborates with the inter professional team to develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive health education plan for diverse clients, families, groups and populations.


    • Acts to empower clients as related to their rights and responsibilities as health care consumers, continuously monitors level of empowerment and acts as their spokesperson if necessary.

    • Demonstrates knowledge of organizational systems and skills in leadership through communicating and collaborating with other health care professionals brokering and negotiating for client’s needs and preferences insofar as necessary to provide high quality care.

Coordinator of Care:

    • Utilizes health care providers and community resources in order to provide safe cost-effective services focused on health promotion and disease prevention to diverse individuals, groups and populations within the constraints of the health care delivery system.
    • Plans, implements, and evaluates outcomes of coordination of client’s care.  Incorporating knowledge and skills in quality improvement.
    • Employs knowledge gained regarding information management and patient care technology to ensure delivery of safe care.

Members of the Profession:

    • Promotes accountability within the health care system demonstrating legal and ethical and professional values fundamental to the discipline of nursing.
    • Advances professional nursing practice by analyzing current trends in health care and translating research and theory into practice.


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