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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about the Criminal Justice program and policies? 
Information about the program and policies are available in the Undergraduate Handbook.  Before seeking advisement, you should first read the handbook for information about:

I joined the major between Spring 2005 and Spring 2011. Where can I find a program sheet?
The program sheet in the handbook is only for students who began in the major no earlier than Fall 2011.  If you began in the major between Spring 2005 and Summer 2010, the program sheet you need to use can be downloaded here. If you began in the major between Fall 2010 and Summer 2011, you can download your program sheet here.
Students who joined the major earlier than Spring 2005 should contact the Advisement Office for the appropriate program sheet.

My major requirements include CRIM 431, which is no longer offered. How do I fulfill this requirement?  
You can fulfill this requirement only by taking one of the following courses:

No other courses will be considered.  If you already took one of these courses as an Elective, you cannot use it as both an Elective and for the CRIM 431 requirement.  You need to either use the course for the CRIM 431 requirement or take another policing Elective to meet the requirement. 

Will CRIM 208 fulfill my CRIM 409 requirement?
Yes, CRIM 208 replaced CRIM 409 as the required Forensic Science course for Criminal Justice majors.  The CRIM 409 course the department now offers is for Forensic Science Minors only.

Will CRIM 310 fulfill my CRIM 405 requirement?  
Yes, CRIM 310 and CRIM 405 are the same course (Ethics and Professional Responsibility), only the course number has changed.

Will CRIM 330 fulfill my CRIM 430 requirement?
Yes, CRIM 330 and CRIM 430 are the same course (Criminal Justice Research), only the course number has changed.

I’m interested in Forensics/Criminalistics, can I do the Forensic Science Minor?  
No, the Forensic Science Minor is not available to Criminal Justice majors. Only students majoring in a physical or natural science (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics) can minor in Forensic Science.  For information about the minor, contact Professor Don Johnson.

Do I need a minor?
No, a minor is not needed for graduation or for job placement.  If you choose a minor, it must be completed at the same time or before the major or you will be graduated without the minor appearing on your transcript.  Also, the original minor form needs to be attached to your graduation application.


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