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Scholarships and Award Winners

The Department has 7 scholarships that have been established by benefactors or alumni. These scholarships are endowed and funded by donations received throughout the year and by Alumni at the annual Banquet. Scholarships arising from interest on the endowments is awarded at the Banquet during the first week of June.
Numerous scholarship opportunities are available to students who wish to apply. Department Scholarships must be applied for through the Scholarship Office in the Student Affairs Building Room 118. Application information and deadlines for Department scholarships will be posted on this website and in the Department during winter and spring quarters. Other scholarship opportunities will be posted on this web site as they become available. Cal State LA geology students have an excellent record of winning scholarships. Students are strongly encouraged to apply at every opportunity.

Click here for the 2014-15 General Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Recipients
Aaron Waters Robert Stone Chance/Dana Martin Stout
Bean/Weber Bill Liebman  Perry Ehlig  

Aaron Waters Award
The Aaron Waters Award was established in 1963 to recognize the outstanding, senior-level geology student. The winner, chosen by the faculty, must have an excellent academic record and show great promise in geology.
Aaron Waters was a Distinguished Visiting professor at Cal State LA in 1978. He earned his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1930. He was professor of geology at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, U.C. Santa Barbara, and U.C. Santa Cruz. He was widely recognized for his achievements in volcanology as well as other branches of geology. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.(Aaron Waters Biography)
2010 Marcus V. Enriquez 1987 Doug Santo
2009 Viral Vora 1985 Victoria Castle
2008 Sue Korm 1984 Brian Burnham
2007 Solomon Seyum 1983 Frank Jordan
2006 Michael Peet 1982 Lisa Wells
2005 Jack Tung 1981 Jay Noller
2004 John Hartman 1980 Andrew Barth
2003 Hector Hernandez 1979 Duncan Walker
2002 Anna Foutz 1978 Gregory Rzonca
2001 Eric Gorman 1977 Walter Crone
2000 Kathy Foley 1976 Thomas Farley
1999 Chris Markowski 1975 David Buesch
1998 Mark Pagenkopp 1974 David Ungermann
1997 Jennifer Reyes 1973 Rodney Weick
1996 Aradhna Tripati 1972 Rae Conrad
1996 Altair Maine 1971 Gary Benvenuto
1995 Jorge Vazquez 1970 John Baltierra
1994 Jennifer Nobui 1969 Mel Lahr
1993  Gian Cavoto 1968 Jim Rodine
1992 Paul Kimberly 1967 Gary Pelka
1991 Ron Matossian 1966 Dave Sigurdson
1990 Roi Hertanto 1965 Monty Hampton
1989 Patrice Agostino 1964 Donald Clark
1988 Adam Hutchinson 1963 Michael Donnelly

Robert Stone Graduate Research Scholarship
The Robert Stone Scholarship was endowed and funded by Professor Perry Ehlig. Robert Stone was a well-known engineering geologist in southern California. Professor Ehlig worked extensively with Robert Stone in the early years of his career and wished to honor him with this scholarship. This scholarship is intended to support the research of graduate students who show promise of success in the profession.
2013 Monica Ortiz, Giancarlo Restreppo    
2012 Kathleen Kuepper 1998 Pete Cooke, Sonjia Wicke
2011 Heather Clifford 1997 Russ Yoshida
2010 Paul Kaufman 1996 Chris Bonds
2009 James Vincett 1995 Wendy Phillips
2008 Monica Maynard, Shelly Shaul, Jose Uribe 1994 Pat Smolenski
2007 Wynee Hu 1993 Laura Albert-White
2006 Jack Tung 1992 Alfredo Zanoria
2005 Anna Foutz, Canaan Crouch 1991 Eric Hovanitz, Steven Watry
2004 Anna Foutz, Humberto Nation 1990 Marc Egli, Keith Putirka
2003  Lisa Alpert 1989 David Johnson, David Mayo, Deems Padgett
2001 Harumi Goya 1988 Randy Adsit, Claus Jakobsen, Glenn Lauman, John McNamara
2000 Mark Pagenkopp 1987 Rick Tate
1999 John McKeown 1984 Mary Kile

Chance/Dana Scholarship
The Chance/Dana Scholarship was endowed and funded by Mr. Donald Chance in honor of Professor Dana. Professor Dana was Mr. Chance's undergraduate professor at Redlands University. The scholarship is awarded to students who show special promise in geology.
2013 Tarra Thompson 2000 Tara Schaefer
2012 Bashir Khan, Adriana Caire 1999 Monica Lee, Newton Wong
2011 Ricardo Escobar 1997 Laura Liera
2010 Jessica Chaney, Caitlin D. Dwyer, Kazumi Nakamura 1996 Quynh Trieu
2009 Jessica Deemer, Paul Kaufman, Denisse Hernandez 1995 Jennifer Nobui
2008 Rose Santilena 1994 Karin Meyer
2007 Heather Hall, Alejandra Lopez, Rose Santilena 1993 Karin Meyer
2006 John Hartman 1992 Sonjia Wicke
2005 Michael Peet 1991 Katherine Schuyler
2003 Jack Tung 1990 Erin Kenyon, Linda Bell
2002 Lisa Alpert 1989 Robin Wight
2001 Anna Foutz 1988 Patrice Agostino

Martin Stout Scholarship
This scholarship was set up in honor of Professor Martin Stout. Professor Stout was born and raised in southern martin photoCalifornia, earned his B.S. from Occidental, and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington. He was introduced to engineering geology at the University of Washington and made it his lifelong pursuit. He joined the faculty at Cal State LA in 1960 and taught until 1994. He was very active in the Geological Society of America serving as secretary of the Cordilleran Section from 1973 to 1985. He was president of the Branner Club and served on the California State Registration Examination Committee from 1980 to 1994. He traveled the world to learn about geology and he absolutely loved field work.
This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students in both Natural Science and Geological Sciences.
 2013  Kathleen Kuepper, Ngoc Luu    
2012 Kathleen Kuepper, Jessica Hernandez 2001 Lisa Brellenthin, Tara Schaefer
2011  Paul Kaufman, Bilma Garsia, Rosie Santilena 2000 Eric Gorman, Harumi Goya, Wayne Stevenson
2010 Carl Brian Von Coo, Pansy Yuen 1999 Katherine Foley, Sonjia Leyva, James Bunker
2009 Kazumi Nakamura, Ziad Saleh 1998 Kathy Foley, Monica Lee, Chris Markowski, Terri Ryland
2008 Jess Deemer, James Vincett 1997 Mark Huber, Chris Markowski, and Quynh Trieu
2007 Sokheang Korm 1996 Mark Huber
2006 Rosie Santilena, Solomon Seyum 1995 Mark Huber, Craig Nisbett, Jennifer Reyes
2005 John Hartman 1994 Jorge Vazquez
2004 Michael Peet, Jack Tung 1993 Jennifer Nobui
2003 Gabriela Noriega, David Baseman, John Hartman 1992 Rafael Alanis
2002 Hector Hernandez 1991 Rafael Alanis

Bean Weber Scholarship for Hydrogeology Students
Bob Bean and Ernie Weber enjoyed long careers in hydrogeology and madeBean_photoErnie_photonumerous contributions to our understanding of groundwater problems in California.   Bob and Ernie founded the hydrogeology program at Cal State LA and trained many students.  The Bean Weber Scholarship is designed to assist deserving hydrogeology students with their research expenses.
Robert Bean Ernie Weber

Winners of the Bean-Weber Scholarship

2012 Ngoc Luu    
2011 Kathleen Kuepper, Stephanie Darling    
2010 Luz Vargas 2001 Cherylee Sevilla
2009 Wynee Hu 2000 Monica Lee
2008 Nasrin Erdelyi 1999 Pete Cooke
2007 Rachel Andrus 1998 Rick Vergets
2005 Mercedes Merino 1997 Tom Davis
2004 Mercedes Merino, Shiela Morrissey 1996 Petr Kadera
2003 Mylene Torrez 1995 Linda Bell
2002 Joyce Wang 1992 Xing Zheng

Summer Field Scholarships
It is the Department's objective to provide as much help as possible for students attending the summer field program. The Liebman/Calseismics and Perry Ehlig Scholarships are devoted to assisting all students with the cost of tuition for summer field.

Liebman/Calseismics Scholarship
Mr. William Liebman completed his B.A. in geology at Cal State LA in 1979.Liebman photo He was well known for his absolute love of field geology. He also developed an international reputation for cave exploration and rescue. He owned and was CEO of Calseismics, specializing in earthquake reinforcement of homes in southern California. Mr. Liebman's success in business and his generous nature enabled him to endow and contribute to this scholarship. Mr. Liebman's devotion to the field program that he greatly enjoyed is a tremendous help to all students attending summer field.  He is presently living in West Virginia.

Perry Ehlig Scholarship
Dr. Perry Ehligearned his Ph.D. from UCLA and came to Cal Stateehlig photo LA in 1956. He was widely known for his energetic pursuit of field problems related to the Pelona Schist, the history of the San Gabriel Mountains, the San Andreas Fault, the Portuguese Bend Landslide, and numerous other problems of southern California. Dr. Ehlig was a certified and registered engineering geologist. He was a charismatic and devoted teacher who served the students of Cal State LA on a volunteer basis after becoming professor emeritus. His financial support of students attending summer field was a great benefit to the Department.