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“There is an enormous individual and social cost when talent among the Nation’s children and youth goes undiscovered and undeveloped. These students cannot ordinarily excel without assistance.”

The Marland Report (1972) on the state of gifted education in America

The EEP at Cal State Los Angeles exists to mitigate these costs.


The Early Entrance Program (EEP) at Cal State L.A. - one of the few opportunities for accelerated education nationwide - is unique for several reasons.

The program accepts qualified students as young as 11 years of age and features a large population of other gifted students. "EEPsters," as they are known, attend regular college classes on campus, where an all-important support system is in place for them. EEPsters begin full-time study upon acceptance and earn their baccalaureate within four to five years.

A suite of rooms - including a kitchen, study room, computer room and social areas - are available for the students' exclusive use. Within this complex are the office of the director, counselor, and staff, ever ready to lend a hand or ear.

Cal State L.A. provides many advantages as a site for an Early Entrance Program. Occupying a 175-acre hilltop facing the San Gabriel Mountains, it is only five miles from downtown Los Angeles with two major freeways allowing easy access to the campus. The University offers more than 80 major programs in 50 academic departments, enabling undergraduates to lay the groundwork for a variety of careers. Small classes and access to faculty members dedicated to teaching excellence make the education process personal and rewarding. Research opportunities abound, offering valuable experience and preparation for graduate work.

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