EDAD 508: Leadership for Organizational Transformation

Fall Quarter 2004

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Library Electronic Classroom 1 (Library North Rm. 1033A)



       Know how to go to web sites when they have the address (e.g. Dept. of Ed.)

       Databases vs. Googling

         .org, .net, .com

         steps to evaluating web sites (show handout from UCLA)

         in-class exercise with MLK, Jr. website

Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Historical Examination


The King Center Martin Luther King, Jr. (http://www.thekingcenter.com/)


         Style manuals

       Writing citations according to APA (could do an active learning exercise)

       What is an annotation, an abstract, and how do I write one?


  1. Select two of the websites recommended in your syllabus (we could also have them select any that would be useful)
  2. Cite according to APA
  3. Write an annotation or abstract for each one






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