Student Services

Staff and Contact Information

Frances Hidalgo-Segura 
Director, Student Academic Support Services                  
(323) 343-4574                    ECST A-135

Evelyn Crosby                   
Director, ECST Advisement & Recruitment Center                   
(323) 343-4520                    ECST A-130

T Fox                                     
Director, MESA Engineering Program                                        
(323) 343-4526                    ECST A-132

Sharri Kornblum                               
Math Specialist, MESA Engineering Program                                        
(323) 343-4525                    ECST A-134

Thelma Federico                               
Director, MESA Schools Program                                          
(323) 343-4565                    ECST A-133

Karina Velasco                  
MESA Program Coordinator                                                    
(323) 343-4564                    ECST A-131

Lizbeth Avitia 
Academic Advisor,Advising Center                  
(323) 343-4576                    ECST A-127

Candi Marsh 
Academic Advisor,Advising Center                  
(323) 343-4577                    ECST A-127

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