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Manufacturing Engineering


An emphasis in manufacturing engineering within the special option has been established. Students receive a Bachelors Degree in Engineering with a special option in Manufacturing Engineering. Required and elective courses (54 units) in this option will be taken from the following group of courses in Engineering, Technology and Management. Manufacturing engineers are concerned with the transformation of raw materials into industrial and consumer products. They are employed by a wide variety of manufacturing industries including aerospace, appliance, automotive, electronics, machine tools, and semiconductor.

It is the manufacturing engineer who turns design ideas and engineering drawings into reality. Mechanical engineers specialized in manufacturing are familiar with machine tools, manufacturing processes, and properties of engineering materials. They work closely with design engineers and technicians to fabricate parts, components, sub-assemblies, or complete systems. Modern computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software, high-tech precision machines, and computer controlled manufacturing technologies have been developed to enable the manufacturing engineers to produce highly complex and efficient systems. More than the average person might realize, engineers are creative pillars of modern society. While a painter focuses his creative energy towards expressing himself on a canvas, a manufacturing engineer supplies her creative efforts towards the creation of things, processes, and technology. If you think about it, we rely on the vision and genius of our society's engineers every single time we turn on the television, drive a car, check our email, do laundry, or take showers. Basically, the work of an engineer is involved with almost everything we do. Manufacturing engineers have the task of improving manufacturing processes to be better, faster, and cheaper.

The success of manufacturing engineers has a direct correlation to the advancement of technology and the widespread availability of innovation, making this facet of engineering essential. A professional in this field constantly reviews the allocation of resources, analyzes productivity, and seeks ways to maximize production while minimizing cost. Manufacturing engineering careers present challenging and rewarding opportunities that never fail to engage intellectual curiosity and push the edge of innovative thinking. Students interested in the manufacturing engineering special option are advised to consult the associate dean for further information.

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