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Graphic Communications

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Los Angeles is the metropolitan epicenter of the print industry, offering more professional opportunities for men and women than any other city, and Cal State L.A.'s Graphic Communications program is at its heart. More than just a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communications, Cal State L.A. arms students with finely-tuned skills in management, supervision, sales, technical services, production control, quality control, customer relations and graphic communications.

Cal State L.A.'s Graphic Communications program is designed to meet the needs of many different kinds of students. Whether you're interested in getting the education in graphic communications you never had time to pursue, or you are already working in the industry and want to learn more about the high-tech concepts that have begun to define your professional environment, Cal State L.A. has what you're looking for. Students of the Graphic Communications program have the opportunity to become well-versed in:

Many graduates of Cal State L.A.'s Graphic Communications program have taken their degrees and turned them into the industry's most sought-after positions in the public and private sectors. Today, many Cal State L.A. Graphic Communications alums are also called: Owner, President, Management Consultant, Production Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Technical Director or Plant Manager.

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