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minor in biology

Minor in Biology

A Biology minor, which is available for students majoring in other fields, offers a general exposure that is beneficial in some areas of environmental science, recreation, conservation, and comparable fields.

A total of 32-36 units is required, including 19-24 units in lower division courses and 12 units in upper division electives.

Successful completion of the minor requires a C (2.0) overall grade point average for required courses taken in residence and for all required courses. At least 8 units of upper division course work that fulfills requirements of the minor must be taken in residence at Cal State L.A. (not to include courses graded CR/NC).

Requirements for the Minor (32-36 units)

Lower Division Required Courses (20-24 units)
BIOL 100ABC Introductory Biology I-III (5, 5, 5)
CHEM 151 Fundamentals of Chemistry I (5)
MATH 102† College Algebra (4)

†May be met by satisfactory performance on mathematics placement examination or by high school preparation certified as adequate by Department of Mathematics.

Upper Division Electives in Biology (12 units)

With adviser approval, choose 3 courses from among upper division courses in biology, excluding 398, 499, and courses with the suffix N.

Note: This information was taken from the University Catalog.

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