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course descriptions

Lower Division Courses in Microbiology

MICR 151   Biology of Microorganisms (4)
Inquiry-based course in microbiology designed for non-majors; content addresses the impact of microorganisms on the human experience and the biosphere; laboratory application of selected procedures. No credit if taken after any other college microbiology course. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 3 hours. GE B1

MICR 201   Microbiology for Health Related Sciences (4)
Prerequisites: BIOL 100B or 200A and 200B with a grade of C or higher; CHEM 102 or 151 with a grade of C or higher. Basic function and structure of microorganisms; host-parasite relationships, infectious diseases, immunology and serology, epidemiology, antimicrobial agents, and chemotherapy. Lecture 4 hours.

MICR 202   Microbiology Laboratory for Health Related Sciences (2)
Corequisite: MICR 201. Laboratory methods used in studying microorganisms; aseptic techniques, environmental influences on microorganisms, microbial interrelationships; water microbiology and sanitation; immunology and infectious disease diagnosis. Laboratory 6 hours.

Note: This information was taken from the University Catalog.

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