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course descriptions


The links below can be used to view descriptions of the courses offered by the Department of Biological Sciences, which includes the undergraduate courses in Biology (BIOL) and Microbiology (MICR) and the graduate courses in Biology (BIOL) and Environmental Science (ENVS). Lower division courses are numbered in the range 100–299, upper division in the range 300–499, and graduate courses are 500-level or above. Courses below the 100-level are subcollegiate courses which can not be used for credit towards a degree. All of the course descriptions were taken from the University Catalog. You can use the menu at the top of the pages to navigate among the different catagories of courses listed below.

Lower Division Courses in Biology
Upper Division Courses in Biology
Lower Division Courses in Microbiology
Upper Division Courses in Microbiology
Graduate Level Courses in Biology
Graduate Level Courses in Environmental Science

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